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LED CFL Replacement Bulbs

Reasons to Switch to LED

  • LED offers better lumen output for a brighter light. Lumens are basically how bright a lamp is with a higher lumen output being brighter than a lower lumen output. While CFL are more effective in terms of lumen output than their predecessors, LED still has them beat with some of the highest lumen outputs on the market today.
  • LED operates on a lower wattage to save on utility costs. While you get a brighter light, you also get a lower wattage to create that bright illumination for an even bigger benefit. A lower wattage means the fixture uses less energy to create the light which will save on your monthly utility bill over time.
  • It is better for the environment. LED is better for the environment because it uses less energy and resources over the span of its life. It is also free from mercury which is an important factor.
  • It offers better versatility on important matters. LED offers a better color rendering which is the ability to pick up different colors. It also offers more variety on color temperature which is how white or yellow the light is to the eyes. LED also offers reliable dimming capability in select options for those looking for a more controllable light fixture.
  • LED lasts longer than other options. While CFL lasts longer than typical fluorescents, LED has them all beat in terms of how long a lamp lasts before needing to be replaced. With most LED lamps lasting for as many as 10,000 hours, it's no wonder more people are switching to LED over other options.

There is no denying the immediate impact LED lighting has had on the lighting industry. With an improved ratio of watts consumed to lumen output, not to mention the improvement in color temperature options, LED has become the standard choice for several lighting needs from commercial spaces to industrial settings. With our selection of LED CFL replacement lamps in a variety of options, you can easily make the switch to this more efficient lighting solution for your home or business. While compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are a reliable choice that is more efficient over older standard fluorescent tube lighting, LED is still a better choice in terms of getting a return on the cost of lighting investment over time. When looking to upgrade from older lighting without replacing the entire fixture, our LED CFL replacement lamps have you covered.

We offer several choices for LED CFL replacement lamps to meet your needs. Since the main component of finding the right bulb rests in the number of pins your fixture uses, you will find several options within this inventory including 2 pin and 4 pin models, as well as a variety of bases such as medium bases and GU24 base to meet a wide range of fixture compacity needs. With a variety of wattages available, these LED CFL replacement lamps are sure to accommodate the needs of your fixture. Best of all, many of these reliable lamps come with manufacturer warranties to ensure a lasting product worth the cost. From the impressive lumen output to the variety of temperatures on the Kelvin scale at your disposal with this inventory, finding the right solutions has never been easier or more accessible. We also offer low prices for an added value and quick shipping to ensure you get the product you need without hassle or concern. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance. We would be happy to help in any way!

New Items:

6 Watt LED PL Retrofit Lamp, GU24 Base

6 Watt LED PL Retrofit Lamp, GU24 Base

Price: $15.86
LED 12W Bypass Ballast - CFL Replacement Lamp G24Q-3 4-Pin Base

LED 12W Bypass Ballast - CFL Replacement Lamp G24Q-3 4-Pin Base

Price: $13.25
LED 12W Plug & Play

LED 12W Plug & Play - CFL Replacement Lamp G24Q 4-Pin Base

Price: $12.50
7 Watt LED CFL Replacement Lamp, E26 BASE

7 Watt LED CFL Replacement Lamp, E26 BASE

Price: $23.57