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  • Brand: Wattstopper
  • Width: 3.2"
  • Depth: 2.2"
  • Length: 6.7"
  • 5 Year Mfr. Warranty
  • Colors White and Grey
  • Voltage: 120/277V


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WattStopper's EW outdoor motion sensors provide occupancy based control of outdoor lighting. Rain tight and rated for -40 F to 130 F, EW sensors perform reliably in all weather conditions.

EW sensors operate at line voltage and can be mounted onto a standard, outdoor junction box. Utilizing advanced PIR technology, the sensors detect the difference between infrared energy in motion and the background space to turn lighting on when a person or vehicle enters the coverage area. After the area is vacated and the time delay elapses, lighting automatically turns off. The EW’s dual PIR detectors and three level lens increase the detection density as well as the accuracy of motion detection.

  • Sensors can be mounted on walls, eaves, or ceilings for installation convenience 
  • 270° coverage 
  • Front rotates for easy coverage adjustment 
  • Precision, double-shot tooling with internal silicon gaskets prevents water and dust contamination 
  • No tools needed to aim or adjust lamp holders for speedier installation 
  • Optional override-ON to turn lights on remotely for the length of the time delay 
  • ON/OFF control based on daylight levels via adjustable light level setting
  • Zero crossing circuitry reduces stress on therelay and results in increased sensor life
  • ASIC enhances reliability and helps to eliminatefalse triggers
  • Pulse Count Processing eliminates false triggers and provide RFI and EMI immunity
  • Patented Voltage Drop Protection
  • Solid state digital microprocessor offersincreased reliability
  • User-adjustable time delay from 12 seconds to 16 minutes

Applications for commercial settings include walkways, parking lots, dock lighting and warehouses. Typical uses outside a home include garages, backyards, entrance ways and porches.

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