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  • Depth: 1.91 in.
  • Brand: Wattstopper
  • Diameter: 3.93 in.
  • 5 Year Mfr. Warranty
  • Voltage: 24V



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The HB300, HB330. HB340, HB350, HB340-B and HB350-B sensors control lighting in high mount areas. The sensors turn lights on and off based on occupancy, and install directly to industrial T5 or T8 fixtures via surface mount, a snap-in connector which mounts through a 1/2��_ knockout with 18��_ leads to the back box, or optional Extender Module. The modular lenses required to operate (ordered separately) are specially designed to provide reliable coverage from a wide range of mounting heights.

The HB sensors utilize Passive Infrared [PIR) technology to sense occupancy. Detection occurs when the HB senses the difference between infrared energy in motion and the background space. Lighting automatically turns on when occupancy is detected. After a user-specified length of time when no occupancy is detected, lighting automatically switches off.

The HB sensors are modular and are comprised of a line or low voltage sensor module (HB300, HB330, HB340, HB350), a lens (HBL1, HBL1M, HBL3, HBL4) and any mounting accessories needed. Modularity ensures the ability to get exactly the right voltage control and coverage pattern required. Substituting different snap-on lenses during field installation allows customers to easily adapt the HB sensor to any application, or for fixture manufacturers to install the module directly onto the fixture at the plant, leaving the snap-on lens for field installation.

The variety of interchangeable lenses for multiple coverage patterns, choice of line or tow voltage modules, and accessories that provide alternate installation options give Watt Stopper HB sensors the flexibility to maximize energy savings in most high mount areas or warehouse applications to support sustainable ��_green��_ building practices such as LEED.

Low voltage power pack required. Use BZ-50 or BZ-150.

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