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  • Depth: 1.45 in.
  • Brand: Wattstopper
  • Diameter: 4.5 in.
  • 5 Year Mfr. Warranty
  • Voltage: 120/277/347V



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WattStopper's CI-355 passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor automatically turns lighting on and off based on occupancy. The sensor mounts on the ceiling with a flat, low-profile appearance and provides 360 degrees of coverage.

The CI-355 is line voltage and operates at 120,
277 or 347 VAC. The sensor uses passive infrared technology (PIR) to sense occupancy and automatically turn lighting on. PIR works by sensing the difference between infrared energy from a human body in motion and the background space. When no occupancy is detected for the length of the time delay, lighting automatically turns off.

The CI-355 requires no adjustment at installation. Auto set continuously monitors the controlled space to identify usage patterns. Using this information, it automatically adjusts the time delay and sensitivity settings for optimal performance and energy efficiency. The sensor assigns short delays (as low as 5 minutes) for times when the space is usually vacant, and longer delays (up to 30 minutes) for busier times.

The CI-355 works well in open office spaces, computer rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and warehouses. It is a good choice for areas with high ceilings or with two-level lighting. The convenient mounting system keeps installation costs down. It also eliminates the need for a power pack by using line voltage wiring.


Advanced control logic based on RISC micro controller provides:

  • Detection Signature Processing eliminates
    false triggers and provides immunity to
    RFI and EMI
  • Walk-through mode turns lights off 3
    minutes after the area is initially occupied - ideal for brief visits such as mail delivery
  • Built-in light level sensor featuring simple,
    one-step set-up
  • LED indicates occupancy detection
  • DIP switch simplifies sensor adjustments
  • Clip mounting system makes ceiling tile
    installation simple
  • Uses existing line voltage wiring and doesn't require a power pack
  • Qualifies for ARRA-funded public works projects

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