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  • Color: White
  • Description Extender module with 2 chase nipples and nuts: one short (0.88��_) for connection to



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The HBEM3 Extender Module attaches a High Bay (HB) Occupancy Sensor Module equipped with a HBNB3 Back Box to the side of a fixture. With the extender module attached, the HB sensor can be adjusted up or down to ensure the sensor is not blocked by the fixture.

Two Chase nipples are included with the HBEM3. The short end of the Chase nipples snap into the HBEM3, HBNB3 or other plastic connection box. The long end of the longer Chase nipple fits into a metal fixture with a standard knockout. If the fixture wall does not exceed 1mm (0.04”) in thickness, the nipple snaps into the knockout securely and the internal nut (included) is not necessary. The included nut should always be used if the fixture wall is thicker than 0.04” (1mm).

The extender module snaps apart to allow the wires to thread through it and into the fixture for connection. It then snaps together to protect the wires. Knockouts make it easy to reposition the sensor so that it fits below the fixtures edge.

The snap-on HBNB3 Back Box attaches to the HB sensor with a simple twist, and to the side of a fixture with the push in chase nipple. The UL listed Back Box can house connections between the sensor and fixture if desired. This allows easy in-field installation and avoids damaging the sensor during transport, if it were pre-installed on the fixture at the factory.

Additionally, the back box can be mounted under a fixture or onto the fixtures rear knockout via the included chase nipple. Attaching the sensor to the rear knockout requires the use of the included plug to cover the side mount hole.

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