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Founded in 2004, Warehouse-Lighting.com has been an integral part of the Industrial Lighting community with a rich history and an exciting future. Warehouse-Lighting.com has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction in the greater United States of America. With awards and recognition in LED, Induction and Fluorescent technologies, our customers see us as a source to fulfill their needs in the areas of industrial lighting retrofitting and commercial lighting.

About The President

James Abraham, has a commitment to overall customer satisfaction in every product we produce and supply. James feels to educate our buyers and specifiers about energy efficiency and longevity of our lights and lighting product is a must in every client making the right decisions for their lighting applications. 

About The Staff

In following our presidents lead our employees are commitment to all of our clients to help to their greatest abilities. Our staff are professionals in lighting and have the most cutting edge ideas and technologies at there disposal to offer our clients.  


When you’re trying to decide who can do the best for you at the right price, there are several factors to consider. At Warehouse-Lighting.com, we proudly model our organization in a manner that is professional, committed, and ethical.

  • Out standing customer service
  • We take your satisfaction personally 
  • Educating buyers 


In 2000, Warehouse-Lighting.com opened its doors on 615 South 89th St. in Milwuakee, Wisconsin. With a grand plan to provide courteous service, extensive knowledge and outstanding production in the areas of Industrial Lighting, we have grown from the Basement of James Abrahams house to 24,000 square foot facility in Milwuakee, Wisconsin. Our founders had a vision of quality lighting products at a reasonable price. We continue those ideas and values today.