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Metal Halide Low Bay Lights

When looking for powerful illumination, low bay lights are still a popular way to light areas where the ceiling height is less robust. These areas usually have ceiling heights of anywhere from 12 to 18 feet. Low bays are used to spread the beam of light as far away from the lighting fixture as possible with the use of optics for the drop or conical lens. These lighting fixtures themselves usually come with reflector widths of 16 to 22 inches and either with aluminum or specular acrylic which both have their benefits and drawbacks. First, the 16-inch reflector has a narrower beam angle and does not have the cast that the 22-inch reflector has at lower ceiling heights which allows the light to cover more ground. With the aluminum reflector options, the fixture focuses 100 percent of the light right down to the floor where it needs to illuminate the areas. The acrylic mainly focuses on average 85 percent of the light to the floor and then 15 percent up to illuminate the ceiling. The lens on the bottom of most low bays is used to drop the light out of the fixture and spread the light as far away as possible from the light source. Many low bays come in low wattages so not to over-light the area directly under the lighting fixture. The most common wattages for metal halide low bay lights are going to be 250, 320 and 400.

Metal halide lights give off a bright white light and have a lamp life of 6,000 to 15,000 hours, making them very cost efficient. Adding metal halide to mercury vapor lamps makes them twice as efficient and improves luminous efficacy and color rendition. They're rated at 75-100 lumens per watt. A low bay metal halide light can be used in warehouses with lower ceilings, storerooms and other commercial or industrial areas. Our metal halide low bay lights are available with 150-400 watt bulbs and are wired for 120-277 or 480 volts. They're available in 16 inch and 22-inch aluminum or acrylic fixtures with the lamps included. When looking for a solution that is even more efficient, consider the use of pulse start metal halide low bay lights. With their lower heat loss rates and faster cold start times, pulse start metal halide low bay lights are 50 percent more efficient than the standard probe-start metal halide lamps.