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T8 Low Bay Fluorescent Lighting

For buildings without high, vaulted ceilings, T8 low bay fluorescent lighting is a wonderful illumination solution. An effective way to combine quality with efficiency, these fixtures are perfect for home, industrial, storefront, and commercial use. What makes these fixtures so remarkable is that they feature aluminum reflectors, which serve to spread all the available illumination from the fixture down and outward, creating a warm, bright environment.

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4 Foot Low Bay Fluorescent Lighting Fixture 3 Lamp
  • Voltage:  120-277V
  • Input Wattage:  109W 3lp, 128 4lp
  • Ballast:   Factor:  High (1.15)
  • Power Factor:  High 
  • Lumen Output:  10,100 3 lamps, 12,000 4 lamps
  • Amps:  0.96 - 0.14 3lp, 1.06 - .46 4lp
  • Min Start Temp:  0º F
  • HID Equivalent:  175W 3lp, 250 4lp
  • Length:  48.25"
  • Width:  12.5"
  • Height:  4.68" (3 lamp) 4.5" (4 lamp)
  • Fixture Warranty:  1 Year
  • Ballast Warranty:  3 Years
  • Lamps Included:  No
  • Make this an LED by adding ballast compatible lamp listed below (Product Number EBT8M4-22W)

Price: $64.86

UL Listed 5 Year Mfr. Warranty

While all the models of our T8 low bay fluorescent lighting are outstanding, the T8 light features some special traits. For one, T8 lights all range between Lumen output ranges of 6800 in the two lamp model to 240000 for the eight lamp model. Because of this, these models allow for a longer lifespan, all of which are rated between 20,000 and 30,000 hours. Because these lamps last so long, it makes it easier for you to allow your lamps to go longer without maintenance or replacement. What’s more, the fixture’s ballasts are certified for both UL and CEE approved, which allows you to gain energy rebates for using them.

These fixtures offer outstanding color rendition and use a whole 35% less energy than their incandescent neighbors, which makes them perfect for warehouse and shop lighting. Built from high-quality materials and made to last much longer than comparable models, these high-efficiency illumination solutions promise to revolutionize your illumination needs once and for all. Whether you need illumination for your home, office, or store, these fixtures are your go-to solution.

Because we carry a wide selection of makes and models, it’s not difficult to find one that you’ll love for years to come. Simply browse our selection to locate your ideal match and then contact our customer service representatives to initiate your purchase. Most of our in-stock items ship within 1-2 business days, so you’ll never be left waiting for your lamps. Functional, unobtrusive, sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful, these T8 low bay fixtures are ideal for all of your illumination needs, be they big or small. Contact us to learn more about these fixtures and to secure the illumination fixtures you need for your home.

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4 Foot Low Bay Fluorescent Lighting Fixture 3 Lamp

4' 3 Lamp Linear Fluorescent Low bay Fixture, 32 Watt T8, White Reflector, 120-277 Universal

Price: $64.86