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Troffer /Recessed Lighting Retrofit Kits

One of the most popularly used types of lighting are recessed lights that are housed within fixtures inside the ceiling, as opposed to fixtures which hang down. We offer exceptionally manufactured recessed lighting retrofit kits to help you easily repair or upgrade your lighting. All of our recessed lighting retrofit kits, also commonly referred to as troffer retrofit kits feature sturdy materials meant to last and offer all the brackets, mounts, and screws needed for easy installation. With a variety of custom options to choose from to help get the right options for your needs, including 1-6 lamps, mirrored or white reflectors, and a wide selection of sizes, our inventory of troffer retrofit kits allow you to transform your outdated lighting into a more modern solution. We offer troffer retrofit kits in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 sizes in both high and low designs to accommodate a variety of settings. We offer a range of wattages and lumen outputs, as well as dimmable options, to help you find the right amount of lighting power for your space. Each option offers easy installation and is made from durable materials, such as steel and aluminum housings, for a long-lasting lighting solution you can install yourself.

While most businesses were originally installed with the common T12 lamps popular at the time, newer and more efficient solutions, have since been introduced, such as the T8, T5, and the increasingly popular LED lighting options. These options can also be used in residential kitchens and bathrooms, as well. Give your lighting an upgrade with these modern replacements today.

At Warehouse Lighting, we have compiled an inventory featuring only the latest in technology for superior lighting performance and efficiency. All of these high-quality lighting solutions feature UL approvals and CEE approvals for a reliable product you can trust. In addition, these products come with warranties, depending on the ballast type and model, of up to 5 years. If you have any questions regarding which retrofit kit best suits your individual needs, our team of customer service representatives is happy to offer assistance.

New Items:

2x2 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F17T8

2x2 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F17T8 - Includes Ballast

Price: $24.72
2x4 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F32T8 (shown with specular reflector)

2x4 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F32T8

Price: $19.77
2x2 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F17T8

2x2 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F17T8

Price: $16.47
Center Basket Troffer Retro Kit 2 x 4 54 Watt T5 WL-RDL-24-02-T554-WN-LUS

Center Basket Troffer Retro Kit 2 x 4, 2 Lamp 54 Watt T5

Price: $85.64