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3 Foot Fluorescent Strip Light Fixtures - T5 / T8

When it comes to large spaces, you need a narrow, precise lamp setup that can accommodate the area while also providing high-quality illumination. This isn’t always a short order, as some areas require complex lamp solutions and improper wattage or size can easily lead to dimness and an unsatisfactory experience. Fortunately, that’s unlikely with these 3-foot fluorescent light fixtures. Perfect for shop or garage use, these single and 2-lamp options, including the T5 and T8 3-foot strip light fixtures, are a fantastic commercial illumination solution.

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3 1 Lamp 25W, Universal WL-S125MV
  • Reflector Type: No Reflector
  • Lamp Type: 25 Watt T8
  • Voltage 120-277 Universal
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days
  • Make this an LED by adding ballast compatible lamp listed below (Product Number EBT8M4-22W)

Price: $38.27

American Made UL Listed
3 2 Lamp Strip Fixture, 2 Lamp, 25 Watt T8, No Reflector, 120-277 Universal WL-C225MV
  • Reflector Type: No Reflector
  • Lamp Type: 25 Watt T8 (Not Included)
  • Voltage 120-277 Universal
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days

Price: $40.51

American Made UL Listed


3-foot fluorescent light fixtures are ideal for many different settings and are very popular among consumers everywhere. Popular installation zones include, but aren’t limited to, barns, garages, shops, industrial and commercial settings, and even warehouses. These 3-foot fluorescent light fixtures are large enough to illuminate an area of a decent size without being so large that they’re difficult to install or maintain. Ideal for commercial or residential use, these lamps are one of our most popular models. Featuring 25 watts, a T8 style, and no reflector, these operate at 120-277 volts.


Since the body of these lamps are narrow and lightweight, they are easy and efficient to install and will save money in utilities over the long run. They warm up quickly and provide warm illumination without flickering. Plus, they’re incredibly efficient, which means that they can easily save you money on your energy bill every month. Once installed, they don’t require much maintenance, which can save you both time and headaches and ensure that these strip lamps are among the favorite illumination solutions in your entire household or shop.

Ideal for any space that requires powerful illumination without bulk, these 3-foot fluorescent light fixtures are the perfect option. Whether you purchase one or several, these lamps come in a variety of wattage options and include options like reflectors and electronic ballasts. The next time you need to upgrade your shop or garage, look no further than these high-quality, high-output, high-performing lamps. Easy to install and simple to maintain, these lamps promise to out-perform other lamp solutions and maintain effective, efficient illumination for years to come, no matter where you choose to place them.