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Jar Vapor Tight Fixtures


Price: $30.48

Vapor Jar Lights

Vapor Jar Light is a type of Vapor Light Fixtures with a vertical displacement structure, used to provide illumination to damp or humid areas. Their durability lies with their impact and heat resistant glass structure protected by a durable metal casing. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Vapor Jar Lights are available in an array of colors thus providing a credible lighting option for outdoor festive fixtures.

Vapor Jar Light can be used in parking garages, car washes, and food processing applications. Since they are repel moisture efficiently and do not succumb under extreme weather conditions, they are a great choice in barn or industrial space as an additional lighting facility.

Vapor Jar Lighting Fixtures are classified on the basis of their mounting tools. Listed as

  • Ceiling Vapor Jar Light
  • Pendant Vapor Jar Light
  • Wall Vapor Jar Light

Vapor Jar Lighting Fixtures are also categorized as per their shape design and functionality. For example, a Saucer Vapor Jar Light with its saucer shaped cover makes a great sleek barn light, providing maximum utility.

Vapor Jar Lighting Fixtures are highly cost effective because of their sustainability under harsh weather conditions and their light enhancement feature.

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