Warehouses, industrial plants and business offices all need the best high bay LED lights they can find. Along with performance and cost, it's important to consider factors like maintenance and safety.

Warehouse-Lighting.com is taking on the heavy lifting for you by providing reviews of each of our main categories of the best LED high bay lights. We'll take a look at the top choices in each category so you can easily see which is the best option for your warehouse, garage or other large, open facility.

Once you've had a chance to review your options, we're confident you'll find everything you need at Warehouse-Lighting.com. From LED light bulbs and retrofit kits to lighting ballasts and more, Warehouse-Lighting.com offers products from the best LED high bay lights manufacturers to meet or exceed your exacting specifications.

Best Linear High Bay LED Lights

Linear high bays are the best LED high bay lights for a factory, warehouse, parking garage or other large open areas where a traditional look is required. LED linear lighting fixtures are prized for their strong, focused illumination, exceptional color temperature and rendering. That's why industrial high bay LED lights are often the most recommended for these settings.

LED linear high bay lights are designed for large, open buildings with ceilings that range from under 10 feet to over 40 feet. The fixtures can be hoisted by chains or installed directly into the ceiling throughout your building.

Before you ask, yes, there are other options besides LED lighting, such as fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium. However, if you're looking for ultimate value, the best are linear high bay LED lights because they're more energy-efficient and longer-lasting. This means your maintenance costs will be lower, and you'll have fewer safety issues because the bulbs don't need to be replaced as often.

HBLED90W/5000KFR-G2 10 feet or lower 100 11,790
HBLED162W/5000KFR-G2 10-19 feet 125-175 21,222
HBLED223W/5000KFR (4 ft) HBLED223W/5000KFR-G2 (2 ft) 20-30 feet 200-300 29,213 The light output is the same for the 2-ft and the 4-ft. For newer construction, we recommend the 2-ft. Many customers choose to purchase a 4-ft. To replace an existing 4-ft.
HBLED321W/5000KFR-G2 31-40 feet 300-400 45,051
HBLED425W/5000KFR-G2 40+ feet 400+ 54,825

Note: Fixtures intended for ceilings under 20 feet in height may be referred to as low bay lighting.

Great for Detail Work

“I ordered these lights for my woodshop that has a 14-foot ceiling. They light the workspace perfectly, without shadows, and provide the kind of illumination that allows for easy visibility in detail work. Delivery was fast and the products are constructed durably.”

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Best UFO LED High Bay Lights

UFO high bays get their name from the space-age saucer shape of their fixtures. These LED high bay lights have just one contact point with the ceiling, so installing them is a snap.

UFO LED high bay light fixtures spread a circular light beam angle of approximately 120 degrees. This generous beam spread allows for powerful, widespread illumination. A UFO LED high bay is ideal for large open areas like sports arenas, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars and wholesale retailers. With the power and energy-efficiency of LED lighting, coupled with a fin style to help transfer thermal properties more evenly, these high bay fixtures are the perfect choice to effortlessly illuminate large spaces like yours.

Aries, Saturn 2 & LED UFO High Bay Lighting

Ceiling Height Watts Lumens
10 feet or lower 100 10,000-12,000
10-19 feet 125-175 12,000-21,000
20-30 feet 200-300 22,000-35,000

Note: Fixtures intended for ceilings under 20 feet in height may be referred to as low bay lighting.

Aries Is Perfect for Our Barn

“This item was super easy to install, looks great, and puts out wonderful lighting.”

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Saturn Runs Rings Around Old Lighting Fixtures

“The 150-watt UFO lights were purchased to be a direct replacement for 400-watt metal halide fixtures and they did not disappoint at all. The install went smooth, they look great and Warehouse-Lighting had them shipped quickly and they arrived ahead of schedule, which is always a plus when a contractor has a schedule to keep. ”

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Amazing Control With Mars

“Great output. I have these on a dimmer switch and it's amazing the control you have for the job you need to work on.”

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Why LEDs Make the Best High Bay Shop Lights

When it comes to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) versus older lighting types, LEDs win hands down. With a longer lifespan, improved energy efficiency and many other benefits, it's no wonder contractors, business owners and homeowners prefer LEDs over different kinds of lighting.

Warehouse-Lighting.com Has the Best High Bay LED Lights for Your Building

Whether you're looking for the best high bay LED lights for a parking garage or a lighting solution for your factory or warehouse, Warehouse-Lighting.com can help you create a customized lighting solution for your application. We can offer suggestions on how to configure your space using the best high bay LED lights — and provide guidance all along the way. Shop Warehouse-Lighting.com today!

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