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LED Flat Panel Lights 

The right lighting solution can make any space brighter and more enjoyable. With the use of LED flat panel lights, make the most of any space with a high-performing solution. With our selection of flat panel led ceiling lights, add some powerful illumination to your space! These lights are ideal for a range of applications and settings making them a solid choice.

Information About LED Panel Lights

Whether you're starting a new project or you need to retrofit existing light fixtures, is your source for flat panel LED lights. The right lighting solution can make any space brighter and even result in higher productivity. Use LED flat panel lights to illuminate your office, warehouse or other large area with a high-performing solution. These lights are ideal for a range of applications and settings, making them a solid choice.

In offices, warehouses, stores and homes around the country, LED panel lights are quickly outpacing fluorescent lights. There are a number of reasons for this. While fluorescent lights are initially cheaper to buy, LED panel lights are longer-lasting and more energy-efficient, meaning you'll save money in the long run. And because they don't need to be replaced as often, you'll save on maintenance costs, too. Their slim appearance makes LED panel lights perfect for smaller spaces or anywhere you want a sleeker look. Start outfitting your space today!

Types of Flat Panel LED Lights

Deciding what type of flat panel LED lights to install will depend on the size of the space you're trying to illuminate. Flat panel lights come in three different sizes to allow for adaptable installation in ceiling grids:

In addition, you also have a choice between two configurations for your flat panel LED lights:

  • Edge-Lit Panels: LEDs are placed on the sides of the panel to allow for a thinner profile. This type of flat panel LED light is more expensive and uses a bit more power than other types.
  • Back-Lit Panels: In this type of LED panel light, the LEDs are placed at the back of the frame rather than at the edge. This enables the LEDs to shine directly through the diffuser. Because there is no light guard, the illumination does not need to be directed. Also there is no glare because the diffuser smoothes out the light. Back-lit panels can be manufactured faster and at less expense than edge-lit panels–another reason why they have become so popular.

Benefits of Flat Panel LED Ceiling Lights vs. Fluorescent

LED ceiling lights have many advantages over their fluorescent predecessors. These benefits include:

  • Superior Energy Efficiency: A 12-watt LED light emits the same lighting as a 15-watt fluorescent bulb, meaning LED bulbs use 20% less power.
  • No Harmful UV Rays: Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting doesn't produce UV light. Its light emissions fall in the visible light range, making it easier on the eyes and resulting in fewer headaches to workers and others who use this lighting. UV light can also cause a fabric's color to fade, another reason to choose LED panel lights for residential spaces.
  • Longer Lasting: LED panel lights can last up to 13 times longer than their fluorescent counterparts, translating to reduced maintenance costs.
  • More Durable: LEDs are less prone to breakage and don't contain mercury. Fluorescent bulbs are more fragile and pose a health risk if broken because of their mercury content.
  • More Effective: Flat panel LED lights are directional, putting the light where you need it. Fluorescent bulbs radiate light 360 degrees, with only a small percentage hitting the area directly below.
  • No Flickering: As fluorescent lights reach the end of their life, they will begin to flicker. LEDs do not.
  • No Bulkiness: Flat panel LED ceiling lights don't require extra hardware to direct the light, meaning they enjoy a slim, modern appearance.

FAQs About LED Panel Lights

Flat panel LED lights use less energy to produce more illumination, making them some of the most versatile and efficient lighting solutions on the market. Our inventory of LED flat panel light fixtures offers a range of selections to meet your specific location needs with ease and affordability. Learn more about LED flat panel lights from the following answers to questions we commonly receive. For more information, please contact us – we're here to help you find the perfect lighting for your space!

What Are LED Panel Lights?

Flat panel light fixtures are used to illuminate indoor spaces and are typically found in drop ceiling grids, hanging from a standard ceiling – or you can surface mount flat panel LED lights. These panels utilize light emitting diodes (LED) as their light source and have a lower profile than troffer light fixtures which are used in similar applications. Flush-mount flat panel fixtures are wonderful for reduced, suspended ceiling cavities. The lighting that LED flat panel lights produce tends to be even and very easy on the eyes.

Where Are Flat Panel LED Ceiling Lights Used?

These fixtures are typically used in commercial and industrial applications. Examples include:

LED panel lights may also be used in residential spaces like a workroom, garage or basement. You can see how well LED panel lights are working in these spaces:

What Brands of LED Flat Panel Lights Do You Sell?

We offer LED flat panel lights from the top names in the industry. Foremost among these is our WareLight brand, manufactured right here in Wisconsin. Prized by our contractors and other clients from coast-to-coast, WareLight has quickly become the brand of choice for its reliability, affordability and availability. Other brands we offer include Saylite, Sun Park and MaxLight. Every option we sell has been made with the highest standards of quality for a long-lasting lighting solution.

How Can I Maximize My Energy Usage?

When choosing flat panel LED lights, look for the ones with the highest lumen-to-watt ratio to ensure you're using the least amount of energy necessary for you and your application.

What Else Do I Need to Know About LED Flat Panel Lights?

Most 2x4 LED flat panel light fixtures are not completely flat on the backside, making room for the LED drivers about 3 inches thick. Check each fixture's specs for the correct thickness. Also, when it comes to being able to dim flat panels, be sure to check the specs on each fixture. (Most offer a 0-10v dimmable option.)

Choose Reliable LED Panel Lights for Your Space From

At, we are committed to being your source for LED panel lights and all your lighting needs. We offer one of the widest selections of high-quality lighting products at affordable prices to meet various budgets with ease. If you have any questions about these options or need help finding the right solution, our lighting specialists would be happy to assist you. Shop flat panel LED lights for your project today!