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Vapor Proof Light Fixtures 

Lighting up challenging environments inside or outside is critical; the need to see remains a priority. You need safety, security and an illuminated field of vision even in dusty or wet locations. Luckily, vapor tight lights handle the jobs the others can't. Vapor tight light fixtures are designed to save energy while tackling demanding applications with superior light distribution. Even vandals won't crack into these while they're on the job. Use a vapor-proof lighting fixture inside food processing plants, industrial locations and metal or wood shops, or use their durability in outdoor areas such as parking garages and walkways. Wet location lights even handle cold storage facilities with ease. has the solution to meet your harshest lighting needs with a vast inventory of the industry's best lighting options.

High-Quality Waterproof Light Fixtures

Saving you time and money while offering the best and most waterproof light fixtures all in one place, does the homework so you don't have to. We know you work hard and need specialty lighting without the hassle of shopping from multiple sites. That's why we sell only top-quality wet location lights that can withstand corrosion, splashing, hose-directed water and external ice formation. Don't ever sacrifice the light you need due to water, fumes, gases or any outside influences. Let the best waterproof light fixtures–vapor tight lights–do the job.

What Are Vapor Tight Lights, and Where are They Used?

A vapor tight light keeps corrosive fumes at bay and protects the light source from non-combustible dust, vapors, various gases and moisture. With sealed, gasketed components, vapor tight lights are used in multiple harsh environments. Vapor-proof lighting fixtures are a time-saving miracle, needing minimal replacements and little to no maintenance over the life of the light. Some examples include Jelly Jar Light Fixtures, Vapor Tight Fluorescent Lights and Vapor Tight LED Lights.

Vapor tight light fixtures are utilized wherever a regular bulb and housing won't do, such as in a car wash where water, soap and fumes are used continuously. They also provide reliable illumination in stairwells and parking garages where failure is not an option, and at airports and shopping centers where illumination is exposed year-round to weather extremes. Below are some common ways vapor-proof lighting fixtures get the job done:

What are the Different Types of Vapor Tight Lights?

Vapor tight lights come in three forms and vary further depending on the type of light source, i.e., LED, incandescent or fluorescent. Here are the three forms of vapor tight light fixtures and their intended uses:

  • High Bay: Intended for use where ceilings are a minimum height of eighteen feet to illuminate a large area
  • Linear Intended for smaller spaces and mounted on ceilings, walls or soffits to illuminate a wide area
  • Jar: Intended for use in smaller spaces and mounted on walls, ceilings or hung as a pendant.
  • Back bay doors are an ideal place for jar waterproof light fixtures.

What are the Benefits of Vapor Tight Light Fixtures?

Vapor tight light fixtures offer several benefits, whether mounted inside or outside your location. With minimal attention needed over the bulb's long life, a vast range of wattages, and color temperatures from Amber to 5000K, vapor tight lights work where others dare not go. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Vapor tight light fixtures are ideal for settings where water, heat, humidity and other debris are known to damage regular light fixtures.
  • Wet location lights are perfect for outdoor settings where the elements pose a problem to ordinary lights. Cold storage warehouses or other indoor settings with unique obstacles are no problem for wet location light fixtures.
  • Vapor tight light fixtures also protect the bulbs against rust and corrosion.
  • Due to the long life, minimum maintenance requirements and reliability, vapor tight lights will save you money and headaches in the long run.