Portable Temporary LED Lighting

Portable Temporary LED Lighting

Portable Temporary LED Lighting fixtures have many uses and offers a number of advantages. They are extremely energy efficient, light weight and do not produce as much heat as other equivalent fixtures. These fixtures can be easily hung and moved from place to place, especially with the desired plug installed. These fixtures have a very low amp draw leaving more available from the source (a generator or battery, for example).

Temporary light fixtures can be used in healthcare, hospital, emergency structures,  temporary buildings, emergency medical tents and other structures where a quick and rapid response to an emergency is necessary. 

These Portable Temporary LED Lights are durable, especially the UFO style. The Saturn 1, Mars and Aries series are built with a die-cast aluminum bodies with integrated heat-sinks to increase efficiency and extend the life of its internal components. These are ruggedly designed with tempered glass lenses and certified for wet locations. These sturdy, bright lights are ideal for illuminating large areas, indoors or outdoors and are useful in clinic tents and canopies.

If your application calls for temporary lighting indoors, the Condor series is ideal for lighting large areas incredibly efficiently. If you need less powerful, but still efficient light, look to the flat panel fixtures. These fixtures can be pendent hung for ease of install and movement. They offer a reduced glare light and warmer lighting options.

All the temporary fixtures are light weight and easily pack-able for portability and relocation. They can be moved from application to application. Once the need is over, the lights can be pack and stored or installed in a more permanent location.

We have these fixtures in stock and ready to be shipped from our Milwaukee, WI warehouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portable Temporary Lighting?

Portable Temporary Lighting fixtures are used for applications where there is a need for quick and easy installation that is not intended for permanent use. These fixtures allow for quick setup in emergency situations.

Where is Portable Temporary Lighting used?

These fixtures can be used in a temporary location, such as a triage setting, emergency temporary structures or tents. These lights can also be fitted with a plug and be used in locations that may need extra illumination for a short time.

What are the different types of Portable Temporary Lighting?

There are many different types of Portable Temporary Lighting that are used depending on the application and environment of their respective locations.

  • High Bay Lights - These fixtures are used for applications where lighting needs to be placed at 20-45 feet in height. These are lights are powerful enough to illuminate large spaces where the light needs to be projected down and out towards the ground. They can be mounted using hooks, chains or cables.
  • LED Flat Panels - These fixtures have integrated LED arrays that spread light down and out towards the ground. They can be mounted from a ceiling by chains or cables.
  • Portable Lights - These durable lights are typically used for indoor or outdoor applications where power sources are hard to come by or installation is difficult. These include flood lights, string lights, dock light fixtures, magnetic lights and hanging lights. In some cases, they are battery powered and can be easily moved to different locations.

Can Portable Temporary LED Lighting be fitted with plugs?

These fixtures can have plugs installed. Depending on the need, the fixture can have a 120 volt straight blade plug or a 277 volt twist cord plug installed.

What are the benefits of LED Portable Temporary Lighting?

LED lighting technology has a distinct advantage over other alternatives when it comes to Temporary Lighting:

  • Lighting quality is superior in terms of color rendering, color temperature and lumen output (compared to wattage used).
  • They have a longer lifespan, use less energy, produce less heat and have a very low amp draw. This can be of critical importance in a temporary lighting situation, especially if batteries or generators are used as a power source.
  • The fixtures are relatively light weight and can be easily moved, especially when fitted with the appropriate plug.
  • When the temporary need has abated, the lights can be quickly and easily converted back to permanent fixtures if desired.
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