Why Gooseneck Barn Lights?

A barn light or gooseneck light refers to the same kind of light fixture. Characterized by a metal shade directing light downward, barn-style lights are hung from the ceiling or attached to a wall with a curved arm that resembles a goose's neck. Barn lighting fixtures add character and are a natural fit for industrial, commercial, or country-style rooms.

Outdoor barn lights are an icon of vintage-style lighting and have truly survived the test of time. Farmers installed this light fixture in their barn and used it outside because the metal shades would shield the bulbs from the outdoor elements.

Things to consider when purchasing a barn light

Today, industrial barn lights have become popular choices for farmhouse lighting and exterior lighting applications on commercial buildings and signs because of their unique looks and features and their ability to hold up over the years after being exposed to the weather.

To choose the right gooseneck light fixture or barn light, start by looking at the durability, functionality, and quality of the light fixture. It's worth investing in a quality gooseneck light fixture that will look good and last a long time.

  • Safety and Performance. Choosing exterior lighting to withstand outside elements and be customizable means less time and money on maintenance for looks and aesthetics. Replacing old fixtures with new dependable barn-style lights featuring timers and photocells keeps your property safe and secure at night without turning the light switch on.
  • Brightness and Efficiency (think lumens, not watts). Gooseneck lights offer the most incredible flexibility when it comes to lighting design. LED bulbs provide the most efficient lighting control and color options for creating vintage to contemporary looks.
  • Unique Custom Options. Gooseneck fixtures offer the same high quality as hand-crafted lighting from decorative styles and finishes, different sizes of gooseneck arms, and customizable light technology. Upgrade your lights to a new efficient lighting system and add the perfect blend of vintage and modern lighting technology to your space.

Types of Gooseneck & Barn Lights

Large outdoor barn lights set the tone for a retail space, coffee shop, warehouse or exteriors such as a garage, pole building, barn, or commercial building. Not only do they highlight architectural features as an art piece, their elegant curves, slightly twisted arm shapes and metal shades help make a statement above any entrance. Next, we'll explore the different types of barn lights and mounting options available.

radial wave shade gooseneck light

Gooseneck Barn Lights

This iconic vintage-style curvy barn light is not too fancy and is an excellent choice for interior or exterior lighting installations. Gooseneck barn lamps are industrial-style light fixtures with iconic shapes that serve a practical purpose. Gooseneck arms are durable metal tubing structures that conceal and protect electrical wiring. This unique design allows gooseneck barn light fixtures to work in various styles and types of LED lights.

Traditionally used on sign lights and architectural awnings, large gooseneck barn lights can also add curb appeal by installing on the walls of buildings and post lamps to illuminate sidewalks and entryways. This lamp type is key for providing safety and security.

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Barn Pendant Lights

LED barn pendant lights offer a modern yet industrial touch to any room in your house or business with sloped or higher ceilings. A pendant light fixture supports a decorative barn shade while suspended from the ceiling and can perform several functions within the room.

Smaller ceiling pendant lights often serve as accent lighting, while large barn pendant lights can be the main focal point. You can also group barn pendant lights to present a similar look as hanging a chandelier. Choose from an endless variety of mounting options, styles, sizes, and finishes to complete a modern contemporary look with a vintage style.

Barn pendant lighting is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Barn shades and lights can be hung by a suspended cord, metal stem or hung with a decorative chain to give the ultimate industrial look and feel.

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flush mount pendant barn light

Ceiling-Mounted LED Barn Lights

Perfect for limited spaces, flush-mounted barn lighting removes the need for long cords and stems and allows you to mount the barn shade directly to the ceiling. A semi-flush mount barn pendant light slightly suspends from the ceiling while still delivering ample light.

Flush mount barn lights provide a solution for lighting and decorating spaces with a narrow width or rooms with low ceilings. Professional designers add farmhouse barn lamps to illuminate the room and give that distinguished character and welcoming look and feel.

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Wall-Mounted Barn Light Sconces

Easily mount your barn light to a wall surface with a gooseneck arm. The curved arm is what distinguishes a gooseneck wall light or wall sconce from other fixtures. Indoor wall-mounted gooseneck lights installed at entryways, porches, kitchens, or bathrooms are common because those spaces typically have a low ceiling. Wall-mounted outdoor LED barn lights make a statement when mounted above a garage door, service doors, or as wall lights along the perimeter of a residential or commercial building facade.

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Things to consider when purchasing Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Lighting

Vintage barn light styles were basic and did not offer all the safety features and design options that have arrived on the scene. When choosing interior and exterior barn style lighting, you'll find the best selection of LED gooseneck barn lights at Warehouse Lighting. We offer a wide variety of shade sizes, gooseneck arms, energy-efficient products, and fixtures styles so that you can create an outdoor lighting plan that is long-lasting and brings the feeling of classic to any industrial setting.

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LED Dusk to Dawn Gooseneck Barn Lights

A dusk to dawn LED gooseneck light will brighten up your outdoor sign and perimeter after dark with a rustic style offering a modern twist. These heavy-duty cast aluminum outdoor security lights feature built-in photocells that will turn the lights on when it gets dark without a switch. They are ETL rated for wet locations and include a gasket that will help further seal the fixture when mounting to the junction box. Additionally, you can adjust the photocell light sensitivity for when the lights will turn on by rotating the barn shade to aim it where the light is needed.

Dusk to dawn barn light fixtures are visually appealing and you can put them anywhere. They have fully integrated LED technology, outperforming conventional light options with better light coverage while consuming less energy. We have seen LED gooseneck flood lights hanging on commercial buildings, lighting signs, horse barns, pole barns, and mounted in houses above fireplaces and even a kitchen sink, allowing you to contrast modern styling with traditional designs.

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Gooseneck Sign Lights

Gooseneck lighting is iconic and delivers ample light for commercial signage and outdoor fixtures. They can be used on concrete or brick surfaces but often on wood or metal surfaces to provide aesthetic appeal and safety.

Dimmers allow the lights to turn off and on automatically, providing users with highly customizable control. LED technology produces exceptionally bright, high-intensity lights that consume very little energy and last much longer than traditional lighting systems.

Typical lighting applications for gooseneck sign lights include retail stores, industrial park entrances, schools and universities, public transit facilities and airports, office buildings, and medical facilities.

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LED vaporproof gooseneck light

LED Vapor Proof Gooseneck Lights

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, vapor-proof LED galvanized gooseneck barn lights will stay lit even in extreme environments. The fixtures contain a sealed LED compartment and die-cast aluminum housings that have liquid-tight connectors.

Vapor tight gooseneck lights replace HID lighting systems up to 70w MH or HPS. They are also considered vapor-proof lights because they are rated for protection in wet locations. This vapor-resistant lamp type can withstand harsh environmental conditions and is ideal for customer retail centers, car washes, industrial parks, public transit and airports, office buildings, walk-in freezers, and medical facilities.

As for installation, vapor-proof gooseneck lights can be mounted on the wall up to 20 feet, providing even greater flexibility for safe lighting in commercial and residential environments.

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Types of Barn Light Shades & Styles

Historically, galvanized and copper barn lights were bell or bowl round metal shades hung from the ceiling or rafters in warehouses and industrial factories. Outside, an angle shade is the most popular shade style for gooseneck sign lights. The angle shade works with different arm sizes and styles while providing a modern classic touch for outdoor lighting on signs, banners, and murals.

Warehouse Lighting offers a wide selection of barn light shades from different shapes and sizes to interchangeable gooseneck arms and stems. Now you can shop historic-inspired to contemporary designed barn shades for every lighting application.

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At Warehouse Lighting, we take pride in carrying only the best barn lighting fixtures manufactured by the most trusted brands around. We know how crucial reliable lighting and will help you select the best LED gooseneck barn lights for your unique lighting needs.

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Gooseneck & Barn Lights Frequently Answered Questions

What are the best uses of gooseneck lights & barn lighting fixtures?

Barn lights have endless lighting applications. For example, gooseneck lights are available in many different sizes and shapes and are ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Classic barn lights are suitable for large or heavily trafficked outdoor areas that need plenty of downward directed light. Oversized barn lights with a wire guard make great accent lights to any commercial lighting plan such as a restaurant, coffee shop, retail space or above a garage door or entry door, on the side of a pole barn, shed, or patio.

Can gooseneck barn lights be installed outside?

Outdoor gooseneck barn lights can be installed on exterior structures that meet wet weather rating standards. The wet weather ratings indicate that the light fixture has been independently tested or certified to endure wet conditions while keeping the electrical components safe. The IP rating tests the ingress protection of how a light fixture will perform in outdoor locations exposed to the weather. A higher IP rating identifies the level of protection from both dust intrusion and moisture protection.

Below we'll walk you through the certifications to look for when shopping for exterior gooseneck barn lights that will be installed outdoors:

  • If your application needs to be completely dust-tight and protected against dripping or splashing water, an IP65 rated light fixture should be purchased.
  • For waterproof protection from any direction, choose an IP66 rated light fixture.
  • An IP66 rated enclosure provides the most waterproof protection with the exception of enclosures required to be fully submersible.
  • Title 24 compliance ratings indicate that the light fixture is automatically programmed with an occupancy sensor.
  • UL Listed light fixtures indicate the product has been tested and meets defined requirements. The specific UL Listings are different for dry locations vs. damp locations vs. wet areas.

When choosing a fixture with a higher IP rating, keep in mind that the light enclosures with no ventilation can shorten the bulb's life. Installing a light fixture that uses a more energy-efficient LED bulb will give your light fixture an extended life because LEDs tend not to overheat.

Do you supply light bulbs for barn lights?

Warehouse Lighting sells a wide variety of LED light bulbs and vintage-style LED bulbs for barn lamps. When selecting a barn light, you should always use LED bulbs. LED lights offer significant energy savings, with bulbs lasting up to 50,000 hours or 13 years if they are turned on for an average of ten hours per day.

Are Barn Lights Dimmable?

Yes. LED barn lights are 100% dimmable when using a compatible LED dimmer switch.

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