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Lighting and electrical Blog for electricians and electrical professionals. We try to educate lighting specifiers to new technologies in electrical marketplace today so that they can make a sound buying decision. We welcome discussions to our electrical posts and are open to discussions as long as it pertains to our markets.

Customer's Story Demonstrates How Proper Exterior Lighting Can Be Great For Business

By | Wednesday, July 08, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

Proper exterior lighting can do wonders for your business. Here is a great example:Joe Cherbuy, owner of Oak Hill Liquors in Victoria, Texas wanted to increase business to his store. It was located 20 yards off a major roadway between Houston and Corpus Christi but business was slow and he needed to invest in ways to make it more visible to passersby. It was illuminated by two high pressure sodium wall packs that provided inadequate lighting at the front of the building. He decided to research...

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Diffusers, Lenses and Louvers: What do they do?

By | Monday, May 04, 2015 |

Light fixtures (or “luminaires”) control and distribute light in different ways. Shielded light fixtures are among the ways that this can be accomplished. The reasons to use them are as follows: Reduce glareDiffuse lightProtect and/or hide lampsEnhance fixture appearanceThere are three different types of shielded light fixtures:Diffuser – This is a translucent or semi-transparent cover that spreads out or scatters light. Using a diffuser will control brightness and give off a soft light...

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How can I use color temperature and color rendering measurements to determine what kind of lighting I need?

By | Tuesday, April 14, 2015 |
Lighting Color Temperature What Is It and Why

Color temperature and color rendition are among the important factors that affect the appearance of a lighted area and the things within it. These factors can help to evaluate the type of lighting needed for particular lighting tasks.These terms describe two different characteristics of lamps. Simply put, color temperature refers to the color of the light source itself, while color rendition refers to the relative appearance of colors of objects under a light source.Correlated Color Temperature...

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