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What are T5 Lamps and Bulbs?
T5 lamps are a type of iridescent lamp used in fluorescent lighting structures. The USP of T5 lamps over other similar lamps used in fluorescent Lighting is its small sized tubes that can be fitted into narrower spaces, without compromising on the luminosity factor. The diameter of the T5 lamps is 5/8ths of an inch (0.625 in.).

From its inception in Europe back in the 1990's, T5 lamps have gained acceptance and credibility worldwide for its accurate beam control. T5 lamps are usually chosen in accordance to the area to be illuminated and the placement of the fluorescent fixture.

T5 lamps are usually used in hidden structures such as modular ceilings, notice boards and walk-in closets.

T5 lamps are available in every tube length in two versions

  • Lower-power high-efficiency version
  • Higher-power (but lower-efficiency) high-output version

T5 lamps are also categorized as per their incorporated electronic ballasts

  • Instant start
  • Rapid Start
  • Program Start

T5 Lamps are high efficiency contenders. Due to their capability of drastically reducing energy usage by around 65 percent, they find many takers in the electronics market.

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