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What are High Bay Lights and Lighting Fixtures?
High bays are used to illuminate industrial areas with higher ceiling height anywhere from 20 to 40 feet. They are also a preferred choice of lighting for places that require to be illuminated from a distance of 20 feet or above. In spite being installed at a distance from the line of vision, they provide light uniformity and low glare.

High Bay Lighting provides dense intense lighting with a noticeable clarity. It works best for workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, production factories, assembly lines, conference halls and most industrial and commercial lighting applications.

These lights are generally classified as per their fixture illumination components:

  • LED  (energy efficient but an expensive upfront cost)
  • Induction  (energy efficient, medium price point, long lasting components, very low maintenance)
  • Pulse Start Metal Halide (not energy efficient, low cost, high energy usage)
  • Fluorescent  T5 and T8 Mirrored and White Reflectors (low upfront cost, good energy efficiency) 

High bays like this use different securing clasps, such as hook for traditional industrial fixtures and cable or chain for their fluorescent counterparts.

The efficiency of a high bay lighting installation depends on its base and has its own pros and cons. LED based high bays are expensive, but they are superior in quality and work out cost effective in the longer run. Induction based High Bays are safe and provide a crisp output. Fluorescent high bays distribute light effectively without glare and are cost competitive.

Our lighting fixtures  are specification grade, provide low glare and visual comfort for industrial and commercial buildings.  Mounting options are fixture dependent. Traditional high bays can be secured by a pendent or hook while fluorescent high bays are secured with a chain or cable. 
General Options For Fluorescents
  • 2-16 lamp options positions for our fluorescent fixtures
  • T5, T8 and T5HO lamp options
  • High Efficiency ballast and lamp capability
  • CEE Qualified ballast in every fixture
  • Prismatic Acrylic Lens and Wire Guards Available
  • 87% White or 95% Miro 4 Reflector options provide enhanced light spread
  • Accessories Include: Emergency ballasts, whips, sensors, wire guards, 480 volt ballasts, and lenses.

General Options For Pulse Start Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium

  • Quartz Restrike
  • Hook, lens, wire guard and cord & plug options
  • Aluminum and acrylic (15 % uplight) reflector options

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