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Industrial and commercial lighting at wholesale prices

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High bay lights are typically used in areas over 40 feet in height, which makes this setup perfect for any large area, like a stadium or a music hall. Because they put off so much illumination, you won’t have to purchase as many of these lamps as you would a variety that was not made to illuminate such large areas. We know that electrical solutions can be expensive, which is why we offer all of these lamps at affordable prices. We want to ensure that you can illuminate your space without breaking the bank and, as such, we stock a huge selection of quality lamps in a variety of strengths and intensities, so you can find something that illuminates your setting perfectly.

The kind of lighting you’ll need depends in large part on the type of space you’re attempting to furnish. For this reason, we carry a few dozen types and sizes of high bay light fixtures. From domed varieties to long lamp banks, we offer a large selection of styles and powers. Purchase many of the same type or mix and match them for a more versatile solution.

No matter what you choose, we guarantee that we will offer something that can fill your needs and make your space feel crisp, bright, and clean. Whether you’re purchasing these for personal or commercial needs, our representatives are here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Call or email us during business hours for further help.

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