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Waresense Blue: Your All-In-One Lighting Solution

WareSense Blue delivers a comprehensive, gateway-free wireless solution for managing lighting across diverse settings. This innovative system features wireless controllers for fixtures, switches, and sensors for occupancy and daylight harvesting, all leveraging Bluetooth® technology. Additionally, the system includes a fixture-mounted controller and sensor that combine wireless communication and occupancy/daylight harvesting control into a single unit. Each component is uniquely addressed to send, receive, and share control commands wirelessly. Scalability is straightforward, as each device relays information to the next, extending the network’s range and control capabilities.

Simplicity Itself

All The Functionality You Need In One App

Commissioning And Control At Your Fingertips

Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, WareSense Blue lets users easily commission the system by turning lights on or off, dimming, and adjusting color settings or circadian rhythms (when paired with compatible LED fixtures and drivers). The system allows for flexible zoning, scenario setting, and scheduling. You can also configure wireless wall switch linkages, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and photocell control. Plus, you can share administrative control via a QR code for seamless management.

Our commissioning app features a daylight harvesting and occupancy (PIR) sensor and allows automated group and individual control of lighting fixtures. Features include on/off/0-10V dimming and a coverage radius of 40 feet on a 40-foot ceiling.

Gain Complete Control With WareSense Blue

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