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Strip Retro Lighting Kits

Strip Retro Lighting Kits are lighting assembly kits that are used for renovation of Strip Lights based installations. They are tandem kits that consist of a replacement package of fluorescent lamps of different length and quality like T5, T8 or T12 in a series setting. A basic Strip Retro Kit includes a reflector or a ballast cover, prewired sockets, socket brackets, and bulk rows of fluorescent lamp options. Strip Retro Lighting Kits enable replacement of redundant lamp fixtures with a higher grade replacement without requirement of new hosting and no added Installation costs.

Strip Retro Lighting Kits can be used in floor lighting applications for large Industrial Areas. They work well in renovation of departmental and grocery stores lighting structures.

Strip Retro Lighting Kits can be categorized on basis of the following factors

  • Structure Length
  • Watt Capacity
  • Type of  Reflector

Strip Retro Lighting Kits are available in different size variation.

Efficiency of Strip Retro Lighting Kits depends on its ability to provision easy retrofit to re-lamp or de-lamp strip lighting and its reduced energy consumption. Depending on the ceiling height, it is advisable to choose between white aluminum or MIRO4 aluminum reflectors for maximum effect.

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