What Are Office Light Fixtures?

Commercial office lighting is typically used in government buildings, hospitals, offices, retail stores, universities and more. Commercial-grade lighting is durable and can include smart, advanced technology to increase efficiency and ease of use. Office lighting can affect a visitor's or employee's mood, enhance employee performance and add aesthetic appeal to the space. The best office lighting complies with safety regulations, puts people at ease and provides a good balance of natural and artificial lighting.

What Kinds of Directional Office Lighting Fixtures Are There?

Like lighting fixtures in other venues, commercial lighting can generally be grouped into one of the following categories depending on where you want the light to hit:

  • 1. Accent Lighting. Directed at a particular area or object in order to highlight it, accent lighting is often used with paintings, plants, pottery, etc.
  • 2. Backlighting. A controlled technique, backlighting fixtures illuminate objects from behind. This type of commercial office lighting is used to display transparent graphics.
  • 3. Downlighting. Casting the light downward, downlighting is most common with fixtures that are recessed or hung from the ceiling.
  • 4. Uplighting. Less common than downlighting, uplighting is used to bounce indirect lighting off the ceiling and back down.

Things to Consider When Choosing Office Lighting

Choosing the best office lighting is extremely important. It can have a huge impact on productivity, sales and general employee morale. If you're considering replacing or upgrading your office light fixtures, keep the following things in mind.


When shopping for new office lighting, it's important to keep light intensity in mind. Your lighting should be bright, but not overwhelming. Underlit spaces can cause eye strain and tired vision. Overlit spaces can lead to visual discomfort and glare. As you can see, unbalanced office light fixtures can make for an uncomfortable and even painful working environment. This can often result in productivity taking a hit and may even cause some employees to quit due to recurring migraines or increased eye strain.

You'll want to calculate the exact lighting power (in lumens) you need for your space. Lumens are the total illumination level in a space. The lumens you need can be found through a simple equation. Multiply the room in square meters by the lux, then determine how many light bulbs you'll need to reach that lumen output. Then, divide the number of lumens by the lumens each bulb should deliver. (You can find this information on the packaging or in the product description.) This will help guide you toward the right option for your space. In general, you'll want a minimum of 500 lux for computer workstations. This level is gentle on the eyes yet not so dim as to diminish productivity levels.


A bulb's wattage is critical in terms of efficiency and energy consumption. You'll want to look for a fixture that is stylish but also a value for the money since the lights will be on consistently for at least 45 hours a week, sometimes longer. Opt for quality LED office lighting as it's one of the most cost-efficient options available. LED bulbs can provide powerful illumination for up to 100,000 hours and typically operate on lower wattages, which can save you big time on utility costs. Plus, you can utilize occupancy sensors to ensure the LED office lighting fixtures are only being used when needed.


Lastly, don't forget to consider where the light will be located when choosing a new office lighting fixture. Think about how lighting is received by employees, keeping in mind that inappropriately placed lights can make the workday much harder for some.

Think about the tasks being performed in your office or facility. Are your employees on their computers all day? Go with gentle office lighting that won't compete with the light being emitted from computer monitors. Are there various light sources in the room? Choose office light fixtures that ensure adequate visibility and illumination to focus on the task at hand.

When actually placing the office lighting, be sure to follow spacing guidelines from the manufacturer. Try to align fixtures with the shapes of the desks. For small square tables, consider a single fixture or a handful of recessed lights. For longer shared tables, opt for wider fixtures or more office lighting fixtures to evenly distribute the light.

Types of Office Light Fixtures

When looking for office lighting ideas, there are countless types of fixtures to choose from. At Warehouse-Lighting.com, we offer a wide variety of styles to ensure you get the right lighting solution for your unique space. The following are just a few of the best office lighting options available.

Drop Ceiling Modern Office Lighting

Drop LED ceiling lights provide a modern look for most office environments. They also help to make the space brighter and more comfortable, thanks to evenly distributed illumination. This type of modern office lighting is a great choice if you need a powerful light for a large area but would like more discreet and out-of-the-way fixtures.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

Required in most public spaces, exit signs & emergency exit lights are necessary to protect both employees and customers. This type of commercial office lighting helps to safeguard your business or facility and ensures you've taken the proper steps to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

Gooseneck & Barn Lights

Stylish and functional, gooseneck and barn lights offer broad appeal and seamlessly fit into industrial, modern and even rustically designed spaces. These attractive office light fixtures are ideal as both interior and exterior lights to keep the building brightly lit and secure.

Stairway Lighting

Stairway lighting is used to illuminate steps and staircases. It provides ambiance and security for steps both indoors and out. Once again, this type of office lighting helps to protect your business or facility and prevent any potential accidents or injuries. These high-quality LED office lighting fixtures come in various lengths and offer long-lasting endurance.

Suspended LED Lights

Linear LED lighting is quite common in retail or office spaces. Most linear fixtures are available in T5, T8 and LED office lighting options and come in an array of styles and sizes. This is the ideal choice if you're looking for diffused illumination that is both bright and visually comfortable.

Wrap Lighting Fixtures

Looking for more of a linear prism design? LED wrap light fixtures have become the industry standard for retail and commercial lighting. They offer superior illumination, long-lasting performance and low maintenance. Plus, they are great for bigger interior spaces, like those found in government buildings, hospitals, military bases, schools and other facilities.

Illuminate Any Space with the Help of Warehouse-Lighting.com

At Warehouse-Lighting.com, your illumination needs have been – and always will be – our top priority. As a leader in the lighting industry, we work tirelessly to provide our customers with solutions for a wide range of applications and location types. Not sure which office lighting fixtures are suitable for your space? Reach out and one of our experts will help you find the right office light fixtures for your unique needs. Shop commercial lighting today at Warehouse-Lighting.com!

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Office Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Office Lighting Fixtures?

While fluorescent light bulbs have been used in offices for decades, commercial lighting using LED bulbs has quickly gained in popularity. Valued for their performance and high energy efficiency, LED office lighting fixtures boast long-term savings for office managers. Also in their favor are reports that high-quality LED lights create a healthy workplace and may increase employee productivity.

Can Office Light Fixtures with Fluorescent Bulbs Convert to LED Office Lighting Fixtures?

Yes! Warehouse-Lighting.com has retrofit kits for converting antiquated office lighting to modern office lighting that utilizes LEDs.

Can Pendant Lighting Fixtures Be Used for Office Lighting?

Absolutely. Pendant lighting fixtures are a modern alternative to traditional office lighting. Pendant lights suspend from the ceiling over individual desks or in clusters over conference tables. Pendant lighting is also at home in office break rooms, kitchens and lounges.

Are Warehouse-Lighting.com Products Eligible For Energy Rebates?

Many utilities, municipalities and states offer energy rebates on select products. Unlike household products, rebates for commercial lighting materials usually require pre-approval before you begin the installation. Rebates can reduce the cost of your project by up to 20%, so it's worth your while to ask about them upfront. Let us know the scope of your project, and we'll be happy to let you know if energy rebate assistance is available.

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