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LED High Bay Retrofit Kits 

Our inventory of high bay LED high bay retrofit kits comes in a variety of specifications to help you find the right fit. Most are DLC qualified and Energy Star certified for lighting you can trust for years to come. We offer a range of wattages from 40 to 360 watts to accommodate many different fixtures and lighting needs. While you may have been told you couldn't change from fluorescent to LED lighting, it is probably not true. In fact, 90% of light fixtures are capable of being changed into a LED option. If you are unsure if your existing fixture is compatible with our high bay LED retrofit kits, ask us and we'll help you figure out which option might work for your fixture.

Reasons to switch to an LED High Bay Retrofit:

  • LED offers a better lumen output for locations in need of extra bright illumination.
  • It offers a lower wattage consumption which saves energy and utility costs while also extending the life of the fixture components.
  • Most LED fixtures operate at no heat loss which helps protect the fixture without overheating the lamps.
  • LED lamps last considerably longer than comparative options with a lifespan that is often 3 times longer than others on the market.

High bay lights provide high quality, powerful illumination, capable of adequately lighting an area from several dozen feet. Upgrade your high bays with our LED high bay retrofit kits and enjoy this same great power with a brand new fixture. They offer easy installation and can be completed within 15-30 minutes for a quick project. Choose from a range of specifications when shopping with us to get the right outcome for your fixture. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for assistance. Our team of lighting experts is always happy to help.

One of the ultimate combinations in the commercial and industrial lighting world, high bay LED retrofit kits are a great way to improve your light fixtures. A retrofit bulb will allow you to change out your old designs for the latest modern LED lighting technology, providing many benefits over traditional fluorescent and other options. This will help you save a lot of money, as much as 50% over purchasing a brand-new LED driver. Best of all, they come with everything you need to make the job quick and easy.

Benefits of Retrofitting High Bay Lights

There are many benefits to using LED technology. It can be very low maintenance, and even require no maintenance during its lifespan. LED lights last for tens of thousands of hours, so you can take your mind off them for years. They provide more light with greater efficiency, and they will have a noticeable impact on your power bill. High bay LED retrofit kits will allow you to take advantage of modern technology by giving you a quick and easy option for upgrading your old metal halide fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Bay Retrofit Lights

Below are some of the most common questions about LED high bay vapor tight lighting. You can also go to our Lighting FAQ page or visit our Resources & Education library for additional information.

What are High Bay Retrofit Kits?

A high bay retrofit kit allows you to replace bulbs and easily upgrade old commercial light fixtures. LED technology features varying color temperatures and allows you to replace HID and fluorescent lights without having to purchase a new LED high bay fixture. As their name implies, high bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet.

Where are High Bay Retrofit Kits used?

High Bay Retrofit Kits can be used to upgrade commercial lighting fixtures anywhere that high bay lights are used. High-bay lights are used in commercial and industrial applications such as workshops, factories, recreational facilities, gyms, storage facilities and warehouses:

What are the different types of High Bay Retrofit Kits?

The most common style of high bay retrofits are LED retrofit lamps. They are available with medium (E26) or mogul (E39 and EX39) bases that will fit into the fixture in the same way that the old lighting technology did. These lighting products also have two mounting orientation options: vertical or universal. Vertical mount means that the retrofit lamps can be used with the base up or base down. Universal mount lamps can be used base up, base down, or horizontally.

Other options include panel or board style retrofit lamps that have an LED driver that can be directly wired to a fixture. These options can also be mounted to the fixture vertically or horizontally.

What are the benefits of High Bay LED Retrofit Kits?

  • Longer lasting lamps. An LED retrofit bulb lasts up to 10 years depending on the model.
  • Low to no heat produced and high light output. The energy-efficient nature means no heat is lost during production, so the lamp stays cool to the touch.
  • Change bulbs in your warehouses less frequently. This is especially useful in a commercial setting where you need long lasting lamps, so your staff can focus on the job.
  • Offers a better return on wattages consumed to lumens produced. Upgrading using an LED retrofit kit is easy and will help save on utility costs over time.

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No matter where you choose to place these high bay fixtures, LED retrofit kits will bring a feeling of natural appeal to any industrial setting. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations, LED lights are the perfect fixtures to welcome your employees, customers and partners to your commercial space. Get yours today at!