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Wall Pack LED Retrofit Kits 

Lighting is an important part of any setting or location, whether commercial or industrial. With more businesses employing the use of lighting as a way to bulk up security to create a safe environment for guests and employees, wall packs are a wise option. They allow for illumination in outdoor areas surrounding the scope of a building or provide light in specific high-traffic areas of concern such as walkways and loading zones. While these lighting solutions may be a necessity for many locations, they can be costly on the bottom line with higher electricity costs. With all their energy conserving properties and lower costs, many people are turning to wall pack LED retrofits to meet their goals of safety while saving money.

LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits

Finding the right lighting solution can be tricky. Lighting is about more than just choosing a fixture and hoping for the best. While home lighting has the potential to be that simple, lighting for industrial purposes requires more thought. When looking for lighting ideal for certain settings prone to dampness, humidity, moisture, and debris, the best bet is to choose lighting that has been designed to withstand these stressors without breaking. LED is a great solution known to last thanks to its efficiency and overall design.

While LED lights are known to last for years, you may need replacements or are attempting to switch incandescent to LED lights in a pre-existing wall pack. No matter why you need them, we have the LED retrofit kits for wall packs to help you reach your lighting goals. All of the featured LED retrofit kits for wall packs have been manufactured with care for a high-quality lighting solution built to last for years. Our inventory features the most widely used brands including AC Electronics, HiLumz, and Pac Light, and is compatible with several different models. It is important to note that not every lighting option shown here can be used with any lighting fixture or housing. Please refer to the specifications or ask one of our friendly representatives to ensure you get the lighting options best for your needs.

At Warehouse Lighting, we care about your shopping experience with us and want to make sure you get the affordable quality you deserve. We offer warranties on certain models to ensure your satisfaction. Many of these LED retrofit kits for wall packs are either DLC or UL listed so you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions about any of the exceptional lighting products we proudly offer, our team of representatives is standing by to help!

Reasons to Use Wall Pack LED Retrofit Kits:

  • Wall Pack LED light fixtures saves money on utility costs, repairs, and replacements. LED consumes lower wattages to produce higher lumen outputs for a solution that is brighter and uses less energy during operation. LED lamps also last considerably longer than other lamping options which will cut down on lamp costs and maintenance overall.
  • Retrofitting a wall pack is more affordable than buying new fixtures. The cost of using a retrofit kit is less than the cost of an all-new fixture in most cases. In most cases, the only way to use LED lamps is to buy LED fixtures because it's more complicated than simply putting an LED light bulb inside a non-LED fixture. The other option is to retrofit which changes the internal structures of how the fixture operates to accommodate the LED bulbs.
  • Retrofitting wall packs is ideal for small and large lighting projects alike. Whether you are looking to upgrade one fixture or a dozen fixtures to the powers of LED, retrofitting is the ideal way to do so with your existing fixtures. Best of all, you can do a few at a time to make it more manageable when working on a larger scale lighting upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wall Pack LED Retrofit Kits?

LED wall pack retrofit kits are kits that convert existing, less efficient wall packs to high efficiency FED fixtures. They take advantage of the existing fixture and replace the fluorescent or high intensity discharge bulb.

Where are Wall Pack LED Retrofit Kits used?

Wall Pack LED Retrofit Kits are used in the same locations as the existing fixtures. These fixtures are often found outdoors and used to illuminate along buildings and other structures. Listed below are some examples of where LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits can be used:

What are the different types of led wall pack light retrofit kits?

There are generally two different types of Wall Pack LED Retrofit Kits. One style is a LED bulb that replaces the old bulb that was in the fixture. The other style places an LED array with a driver in the fixture after removing the wiring for the previous light source.