Gas Station Lighting

Gas Station Lighting

Every location has its own unique lighting needs. When it comes to gas station lighting, there are a few fixtures that are exceptionally well suited to this location. Let's take a look at a few of the most common solutions for gas station lighting.


When looking at fixture options, you should first determine the right lamping solution to narrow down the choices. LED is the best choice for this unique location. LED offers a higher lumen output for a brighter fixture while operating on a lower wattage which saves on energy for utility costs. LED is also a no heat solution which means the life of the fixture will be protected from heat damage. Another benefit of LED is that the lamps last a long time to save on replacement costs and maintenance spent on maintaining fixtures. Best of all, LED is available in the most commonly used gas station lighting solutions.

Canopy Lights

When looking at gas station lighting, the most obvious area is the canopy. This is where the majority of the business happens since customers pump gas under the canopy. It is also important to make sure this area is well-lit, so customers can see it clearly from the road at night. A well-lit canopy also gives a feeling of safety and security when pumping gas at night that most customers expect. In fact, most customer will pass up a poorly lit gas canopy in favor of a brighter one, so this area directly impacts your business. This is where canopy lights come in and save the day! Canopy lights are made specifically for this type of environment, so they offer such features as vandal proof options, wet rated listings, durable polycarbonate lenses, and bright, powerful illumination where you need it most. Canopy lights come in choices of thin profile to save on space and low profile for lower canopies in terms of height.

Parking Lot Lights

While the canopy lights are the main draw on the exterior, you will still need additional parking lot lighting. Parking lot lighting is necessary for any surrounding parking spaces not covered by the canopy. They can also be used to add visibility to roads leading to the parking lot or behind the building for added safety and security. When choosing parking lot lights, you can go with either cobra head or floodlights. Floodlights are ideal if you have a larger lot whereas cobra head is ideal for smaller lots.

Interior Lights

While the outside lighting is important, the inside is just as crucial to a successful lighting plan. For interior gas station lighting, there are several great options to consider. A few of the most common are recessed troffer-style and surface mounted fixtures. Both options offer an easy to install and maintain solution to meet the needs of this location. In this type of location, you want to avoid suspended or chain fixtures since they can create more shadows and detract from the clean, bright atmosphere your customers appreciate.