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LED Lighting Troffer Retrofit Kits 

Finding the right lighting can be a hassle. From the matter of getting the option best suited to your ceiling to finding the right features and lamp type, there are a lot of factors to consider in today's market. With our selection of LED troffer retrofit kits, take some of the work out of buying new fixtures by simply updating your older fluorescent into newer technology. With magnetic led troffer retrofit kits, you keep the same housing which makes it incredibly easy and affordable to switch to LED technology without a large overhaul. Whether you are updating a few fixtures or dozens of fixtures, this is a smart and affordable solution to give you the power of LED lighting for your space.

We offer several types of fluorescent to led conversion kits to meet the needs of your project and budget. With top brands at the ready, such as MaxLite, WareLight, and Saylite, rest assured that every option is a high performing solution for your fixture. Made with high standards of performance and ease of installation at their core, fluorescent to led retrofit kits make it easy to upgrade without hassle.

With options available for both 2x2 and 2x4 sized fixtures, as well as magnetic strip, center basket, and more, getting the right solution has never been easier. All of the items we feature in this inventory are backed by lengthy warranties of either 5 or 7 years to ensure total satisfaction with the components for added peace of mind when buying. These kits are available in a range of specifications with the ability to accommodate a wide scope of factors from color temperature on the Kelvin scale to lumen outputs and wattages.

Find the right led retrofit kits for fluorescent lighting with these affordable options. If you have any questions, please contact one of our friendly lighting specialists for further assistance on the matter.

Reasons to Switch to LED:

  • LED offers a higher lumen output with a lower wattage consumed which helps save on energy costs. This will help cut down on monthly utility costs.
  • They offer a low-temperature output because they don't have heat loss during operation like other light solutions.
  • The lamps also last considerably longer than other options thanks to the nature of how they operate and the low heat operation.
  • LED lamps are better for the environment because of the above-mentioned reasons. They are also free from any harmful elements such as mercury found in older lighting choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LED Troffer Retrofit Kits?

LED Troffer Retrofit Kits are designed to be used with existing fixtures so that the actual fixture does not need to be replaced. This is especially useful if the fixtures are difficult to replace or have a unique appearance that is trying to be preserved. Here are some examples of typical LED troffer retrofit kits:

Where are LED Troffer Retrofit Kits used?

LED Troffer Retrofit kits are used to replace less efficient fluorescent light sources without replacing the entire fixture. The LED Retrofit Kits can be used anywhere an existing troffer fixture is located. Here are some places where fluorescent to led conversion kits may be useful:

What are the different types of LED Troffer Retrofit Kits?

The LED Troffer Retrofit Kits come in different styles. They can range in dimensions: 1x4 foot, 2x2 foot and 2x4 foot and snap into the existing fixture. Other fluorescent to led conversion kits are magnetic and replace place the old fluorescent tubes, hidden by the design of the troffer. Another type of fluorescent to led retrofit kit will replace the wiring harness and sockets (or lamp holders) so that the fixture can accept LED tubes.