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Industrial and commercial lighting at wholesale prices

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Warehouse Industrial lighting solutions are designed to provide customized illumination to Large Commercial or public Utility zones. They are mainly applicable to Factories, Industrial Zones, Hospitals, Big shopping malls, Universities, Multi level Parking Structures and Sports Arenas. 

Warehouse Lighting comprises of different types of lighting fixtures combined together to produce the relevant amount of luminosity required. Listed below are some of the styles of Warehouse Lighting fixtures:

One style of fixture does not work for all applications. A lighting solution must be designed keeping the purpose of the lighting and the functional area in mind. Relevant factors like angle of lighting, level of placement, position and coverage need to be taken into consideration for creating optimal effect. The prime factor however, must be the choice of appropriate lighting fixtures. For example, wall mount fluorescent fixtures would be an ideal choice for a stadium .Whereas an assembly factory would opt for high bay lighting to provide a good range of vertical lighting and to also enable clear vision on the fast moving assembly line.

Efficiency of the installation lies in its ability to provide the right amount of visibility and create a well-lit work environment.

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