About Lighting Automation

As any business owner knows, the right lighting can make or break a location. While choosing the correct fixtures in the first place is key, the matter of lighting automation should also play a significant role in your design. That's why manufacturers have continued to build upon and improve automated timers or their own automation lighting system with the latest technologies to meet the changing landscape of our society. We've even adapted smart home automation over the years to allow homeowners the comfort of instant on/off lighting access and other features from their smartphone.

To put things bluntly, lighting automation is here to stay, so you must know how to utilize it to your advantage if you're a business owner. When it comes to commercial lighting fixtures with automation, here are a few tips you need to know:

1. Install Automated Timers for Exterior Commercial Lighting

When looking for ways to make commercial lighting automation work for your location, the biggest benefit is using smart lighting for your building's exterior. In fact, the outside is the area you should mostly focus your efforts on. But why is exterior lighting automation so crucial?

For starters, if you forget to turn on the exterior lights, such as the building lights, parking lot lights or road signs, it will negatively impact your company by making the location look like it isn’t open for business. It will also create safety and security concerns for staff and customers. On the flip side, without a building automation system to turn the lights off in the morning when the sun comes up, you are wasting a hefty sum on utility costs for illumination you don’t even need. When you install sensors and timers for the exterior lighting, though, you avoid both of these scenarios without worry.

2. Install Automated Timers Inside

While exterior automated timers are crucial for managing utility costs and maintaining proper lighting, interior timers are also a big help for commercial lighting. Just like your outdoor lighting, having automated timers indoors can help you manage utility costs by turning off commercial lighting fixtures at a specific time or in certain areas when not in use. It also removes the need to rely on employees being present to shut off lights which is always a big benefit for janitorial staff closing up a building with hundreds of commercial lighting fixtures.

We Make Lighting Automation Easier With Our Products

Lighting automation solutions from Warehouse-Lighting.com are optimized to be highly responsive, whether you're running LED high bay lights or LED low bay lights. Featuring products from top brands like WareLight and Morris, we offer all types of sensors, switches and other automation lighting system equipment made from advanced hardware to ensure long-lasting reliability. Check out the lighting automation products we sell for commercial lighting fixtures, or contact us today if you have any questions.


3. Consider Adding an Occupancy Sensor to Each Room

Another important and useful option for automation involving commercial lighting fixtures is the occupancy sensor. But what is an occupancy sensor and how does it work?

This type of automation operates the commercial lighting fixtures, like fluorescent high bay lights, and turns them on/off based on whether the room or space is occupied. A light with an occupancy sensor switch is especially useful for areas where there isn’t constant occupancy, such as stock rooms or back rooms. While you wouldn’t want to use these in customer areas, they can be valuable and help save utility costs in employee-only areas of your business.

4. Optimize Commercial Lighting With Dimmers

As the name suggests, dimmers are a good option for when you want to lower the brightness of commercial lighting fixtures without turning them off completely. A dimmer is ideal for when you want to create a cozier mood in a selected area or time of day but still want the option of full illumination for other occasions. This type of equipment can be added to an office, conference room or outdoor area.

Set Up Your Automation Lighting System Today

Now that you understand the importance of commercial lighting with an automation lighting system, we hope that you'll take some of this knowledge into consideration for the long-term success of your business. Our equipment will cut back on time-consuming tasks while eliminating unnecessary energy waste. Browse our selection of lighting automation products and make your purchase now!


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