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Temporary Construction Lights 

When it comes to lighting, needs can vary greatly. Sometimes you need quick and powerful, but temporary lighting fixtures to handle a quick project. This is where our high-quality construction lights come in. You can order any quantity of temporary construction lighting to illuminate your workspace with ease. While they were designed with construction sites in mind, portable lighting solutions are useful for a wide variety of applications. They can be used in locations where traditional lighting options are difficult to install or use, including everything from personal garages to any tight space with minimal access. With portable lighting options, you get powerful illumination you can take anywhere!

Types of Portable Construction Lighting:

  • Warning Lights. Small and compact, these lights can be used in an emergency to alert others to a problem, highlight an area of priority in a work site, or to direct drivers to stay away from an area of the road. These come in several colors and are rechargeable, so you get many years of service from this solution.
  • String Lights. Ideal for areas in need of lighting that is durable and easy to transport, this solution can be used in a range of locations. Made with durable cages to protect the bulbs, these strings come in varying lengths to accommodate the different needs of different locations.
  • Flood Lights. When you need bright and powerful lighting, flood lights are the perfect solution. This type of portable construction light offers powerful concentrated light spread for a large area in need of proper illumination.
  • Folding Lights. This option is compact and easy to use. It offers two light sources in one which makes it ideal for locations where you need more lighting than string lights.

We offer a diverse range of options when in search of temporary lighting solutions. Choose from trusted brands in the industry such as WareLight and ProBuilt Lighting for quality and performance you can depend on. With a wide range of watts available, ranging from a gentle 10 watts to 80 watts, and your choice of voltage ranging from 120 to 277, you are sure to find the lighting option that gives you the right amount of power to get the job done. These lights are built with durability in mind and feature sturdy frames to protect the light. They also use the latest in LED technology offering thousands of hours of burn time, as well as recharging abilities in certain models for added value. We also offer metal halide and pulse start options, depending on your preference. Lights are available in various temperatures and most require minimal warming time. They are also UL listed for damp locations. When you need lighting for your construction site, these temporary options are built with that purpose in mind for an incredible value.

At, we are honored to be your destination for all your lighting needs. We offer one of the largest inventories of leading brands to make sure you always find the solution to fit your situation and expectations. If you have any questions or need help making the right choice while shopping with us contact one of our friendly lighting experts today for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Construction / Portable Lighting?

Construction / Portable Lighting is used in applications that require illumination in locations where conventional lighting options are difficult to install or use. This includes areas where a normal power source is unavailable or where there is a need for durable lighting that can be easily moved to different locations.

Where is Construction / Portable Lighting used?

Construction / Portable Lighting is ideal for applications that require the ability to withstand the conditions associated with a construction or job site. These conditions include exposure to dust, water and vapor as well as physical impacts from other equipment or people. They have numerous applications across a variety of areas such as building sites, garages, and roadways.

What are the different types of Construction / Portable Lighting?

There is a wide variety of construction / portable lights that can be used for many types of applications. These include flood lights, string lights, roadway warning lights, dock lights, magnetic lights and hanging lights. Some of these lights have ingress protection ratings that provide information regarding what kind of environment that they are suitable for.

  • IP65 – protection against dust and water projected by a nozzle
  • IP66 – protection against dust and water projected by a jet
  • IP67 – protection against dust and when the enclosure is immersed in water (for specified time and pressure)

What are the benefits of LED Construction / Portable Lighting?

LED lighting technology has developed to the point that it can overcome most all of the drawbacks of the technologies previously listed here.

  • Lighting quality is much better in terms of color rendering, color temperature and lumen output (compared to wattage used).
  • They have a much lengthier lifetime which means that the lights need to be replaced less often than other types. This is particularly helpful when used at a remote job site.
  • Although LED lighting is more costly at the outset upon point of purchase, costs are more than made up over the long term due to the fact that they utilize much less energy than conventional lights. This saves on utility costs and battery life over time. They also don’t waste energy emitted as heat.