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Choose the Best Lumen Output for Your Welding Lights

When it comes to lighting applications in a welding shop, the bulb of your lighting fixture is the most crucial element. You don't want to choose a welding light fixture with a bulb incapable of meeting your required level of lighting. You'll want to find bulbs that offer the lumen output you need to light your entire shop. In lighting, lumens relate to the measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a light source. Choosing inadequate welding lights that cannot properly light up your workspace and shop can cause mistakes when completing welding projects, such as metal fabrication, and lead to injury or harm to workers. Having a welding shop light with high lumen output will ensure your shop is bright and easily visible. To properly find out what lumens you need for your welding shop lighting, calculate them in terms of the square footage of your shop to find the necessary output.

Long-Lasting Welding Light Options Pay Off

We recommend you choose light sources recognized and known as long-lasting to find the best work light for welding shops. When you constantly have to change the bulbs of your welding lights or repair the fixture itself, it takes away from time you could be actively working on projects and turns into a hassle you'll have to deal with time and time again. In an industrial setting, particularly welding shops, replacing even one light or lighting fixture can be dangerous and expensive. Whether your shop has a layout of low ceilings or tall, the constant changes and repairs translate into extra unnecessary work. If you choose a welding lighting source that is long-lasting and high-performing early on, you can save time and money later.

General Lighting & Task Lighting

When choosing your welding shop light, consider the differences between general lighting and task lighting. General lighting refers to the ambient light provided throughout your shop, and task lighting refers to the light needed for specific processes. Your welding lights for general lighting should be bright, but never harsh. Task lighting should be brighter than general lighting and specifically directed to areas where you're performing your welding. For both general and task lighting, avoid glares that may interfere with visibility. Ways to combat glare are to choose welding light options with reflectors, diffusers or uplight design features.

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Best Welding Shop LED Work Lights

Outside Influences on Welding Lights

It's also wise to consider outside influences on welding shop lights such as the workspace environment. It is essential to choose welding lights that can withstand the demands of a welding area. To ensure you're finding the best shop lighting, check the NEMA, IP, UL listings and ratings. You can then check for factors such as the lights being dust-proof and waterproof, having tolerable heat and cold limits and the overall recommendations for the light fixture.

When choosing welding shop lighting, it is important to first consider all your options. When you focus on finding the best work light for welding that will meet your needs, your shop will soon be a success. To find out more about our welding shop lights, contact us. We'll be happy to help.

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Warehouse Lighting can help improve your welding shop with high-quality welding light options. Our welding shop lighting products are highly specialized for use in any sized welding shop environment. Browse our entire selection today.

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