Five Ways Industrial LED Lighting Helps Reduce Workplace Accidents

Five Ways Industrial LED Lighting Helps Reduce Workplace Accidents

While every setting is unique in its lighting needs, an industrial setting such as a warehouse requires special consideration in regard to accidents. An accident in the workplace can cause all sorts of downsides which is why it is always best to avoid them if possible. Did you know LED lighting can help with this aspect? Here are five ways industrial LED lighting helps reduce workplace accidents to safeguard your employees.

1. Increased alertness

When looking at the five ways industrial LED lighting helps reduce workplace accidents, the matter of alertness is usually near the top of any list. LED comes in a wider range of color temperatures than other fixtures which is important for alertness. Studies have shown that humans are greatly impacted by color temperature with warmer temperatures creating relaxation and cooler temperatures aiding in alertness. Since LED offers some of the coolest temperatures, it makes sense to install them in areas where alertness is key to a safe work environment. If employees are alert, it will cut down on carelessness and accidents.

2. Less maintenance

Since LED fixtures and lamps are incredibly long-lasting, as well as virtually maintenance-free, the need to get up on tall ladders will be drastically minimized. When reducing the maintenance and upkeep of lamps, you reduce accidents related to falls from ladders and minor shocks. LED is the perfect lighting solution you can simply place and forget about for months on end.

3. No heat/shatterproof available

LED operates with minimal heat loss during operation because it is so incredibly efficient at converting wattages of energy consumed into actual illumination produced. The fact that there is no high heat emanating from the fixture is helpful in maintaining a safe work environment for a few reasons. For starters, there will be no high heat to create burns if skin comes in contact with the lamps. Secondly, the bulbs are less likely to explode and shatter since there is no heat to break the glass. There is also the fact that LED is available in shatterproof options which only adds to the safety factor.

4. Mercury-free

Mercury is harmful for the environment and the health of your workers. LED is mercury-free so when your employees do eventually change the lamps, they will not have to deal with potential exposure to mercury. You also won't have to worry about how to safely dispose of them since they are mercury-free. This is one of the biggest benefits of LED.

5. Better visibility thanks to higher lumen outputs

LED offers some of the highest lumen outputs on the market for a brighter space. Many workplace accidents happen due to a lack of proper lighting, but LED removes this hazard altogether. LED also reduces shadows so there will be better quality visibility in the space for an even safer environment.