Industrial Ceiling Fans

When it comes to keeping your location cool and comfortable, fans are a wise investment. They help distribute air for a less stagnant environment and can greatly improve the working conditions of your operation. A properly working fan can help lower your utility costs when installed correctly.

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Industrial Fan 3-Blade 56", Brushed Aluminum or White Finish

Industrial Fan 3-Blade 56", Brushed Aluminum or White Finish

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  • Brand: RP Lighting
  • Finish: White and Brushed Aluminum
  • Motor:
    • Motor Size: 192 x 17 mm
    • RPM: 316 (at highest speed)
    • Wattage: 60
    • Amps: .59
    • CFM: 6563
    • Speeds: 1-Speed (multi-speed with optional wall control)
    • Capacitors: 1
    • Reversible (Y/N): No
    • Lead wire: 52"
    • CFM/W: (L/H) 187 109
  • Blade:
    • Blade Sweep: 56
    • Blade Material: Metal
    • No. of Blades: 3
    • Blade Pitch: 10º
  • Dimensions:
    • Height (lowest point): 21
    • Width (housing): 8
    • Height (top of blade): 19
  • Accessories and additional features:
    • Wall Controls: Optional WC-3
    • Down rods: 12"
    • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Listings: UL
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ARCTIC 7-Blade Industrial Fan, 7 Blades with 70" Sweep, Energy Star Rated

ARCTIC 7-Blade Industrial Fan, 7 Blades with 70" Sweep, Energy Star Rated

  • Blade
    • Blade Sweep: 70”
    • No. of Blades: 7
    • Blade Pitch: 18°
    • Available Motor and blade finish: Brushed pewter (BP-BP), White (WW-WW) and Oil-rubbed bronze (OB-OB) (special order)
  • Motor
    • Motor Size: DC Motor 180mm x 17mm
    • Speeds: 5
    • Reversible: Yes
    • Lead wire: 76”
    • RPM: 76 (at highest speed)
    • Wattage: 39.92 (at highest speed) 
  • CFM:  
    • Highest speed: 10012.36  
    • Lowest: 5031.47  
    • Airflow Efficiency: 205 (cubic feet per minute per watt)
  • Dimensions
    • Height (lowest point): 17-3/4”
    • Width (housing): 8-3/4”
    • Height (top of blade): 11-1/4”
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • UL listed for Wet locations
  • Energy Star 4.0 Compliant
  • Down rods: 8” & 24″Down rod INCLUDED
  • Wall Control: WCR-70 INCLUDED

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Fan Remote Royal Pacific RC3-4

Fan Remote Control For Ryal Pacific Fans

  • Canopy mount
  • 4 Speed Control
  • Full light dimming
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Slide wall control for Royal Pacific fans

Slide wall control for Royal Pacific Fans

  • 2 Wire Installation
  • Up to 5 amps capability
  • 3 Speed control
  • Single slide
  • Multiple fan capability
  • Available in white or ivory
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Single slide wall control with toggle for Royal Pacific Fans

Single slide wall control with toggle for Royal Pacific Fans

  • 2 Wire Installation
  • Single slide
  • 3 Speed control
  • Available in white or ivory
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Slide Variable Fan Speed Controls

Slide Variable Fan Speed Controls

Features include:

  • Single Pole
  • 120V
  • Fully Variable Speed
  • 5 Amp - Controls up to 5 Fans
  • Suppresses Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
  • Includes Wallplate
  • Individually Boxed
  • cULus Listed
  • Order Qty of 1 = 1 Piece
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Wall Control for dimmable light kit & fan

Wall Control for dimmable light kit & fan

  • Speed: 4
  • Amps: 1.25A
  • Input Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Operating Temp 0-10°F(14°F) to 50°F(122°F)
  • Dimmable Option: Yes
  • Wires: 3 wire installation
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Ceiling Fan Remote
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Considerations When Buying Industrial Ceiling Fans:

  • Size of Room. The size of the room may be the most important factor when choosing industrial ceiling fans. If the room is larger and you get a smaller fan, the airflow won't be adequate enough for the size of the room whereas a fan that is too large for the room would create too much airflow. It is important to measure the space and choose a fan based on that aspect. For example, larger rooms will benefit from models with 7 blades over 3 in a larger overall diameter than smaller fans.
  • Desired Controls. Our selection of industrial ceiling fans comes with the option to add several types of controls. From multiple speeds to lighting dimmers, there are a lot of control options you can add to your ceiling fan. Make sure you consider this element before purchasing to get the right capability for your preferences.
  • Lights. While you can choose just a ceiling fan for your location, there are also options which allow you to add a light fixture to the design. The addition of lighting can a be a great way to add to the general lighting of the space, but you may find it overpowering if you already have ample lighting in the area so carefully consider this before you purchase a fan.
  • Cost. The matter of cost is important for any location working on a budget. The good news is that there are plenty of options at affordable prices to help you make the most of your space with a fan.
  • Warranty. Many options offer a manufacturer warranty. This can give you extra peace of mind when shopping for this important item. Warranties may be specifically for a certain number of years or a limited lifetime warranty, depending on the option and brand.

In addition to our large selection of high-performance lighting fixtures and supplies, also carries industrial ceiling fans, controls, and accessories. Our warehouse ceiling fans are heavy duty 72 watt, 60 amp fans with 2-speed settings. We offer a range of speeds from 13 to 310 RPM to help accommodate spaces both small and large. Blade sweeps are 56 inches for evenly distributed airflow for the entire room, depending on size. Even with larger units offering maximum rotation power, these industrial ceiling fans operate quietly to avoid any distractions. All of our industrial ceiling fans have been made with sturdy materials built to last for many years.

In addition to their stunning performance and long-lasting durability, our collection of fans features attractive visual appeal. Models include lengthy warranties and are UL listed for long-lasting performance. They're available with either white or brushed pewter finish with a wall control available that's sold separately. For Royal Pacific commercial ceiling fans for warehouses, we have durable wall control and remote control units. They come as 4-speed rotary controls, dial wall controls, single slide with toggle and 3-speed slide control units. There is also a canopy mount remote control. In addition to our selection of industrial ceiling fans, we also carry all of the necessary accessories such as various controls. Browse our fan controls and commercial ceiling fans for sale, and call us if you have any questions or need additional information. We've been in business for more than 10 years with our expert customer service. We offer fast shipping of 1-2 days to make sure get what you need for your business quickly.

At, we are committed to delivering the best in lighting and accessories. Our team of lighting specialists would be happy to assist you in finding the right selection for your location today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Industrial Ceiling Fans?

Industrial Ceiling Fans are used to properly circulate air around large open areas. They can also make it more efficient and cost-effective for heating and cooling system in a building by distributing air more evenly.

Where are Industrial Ceiling Fans used?

Industrial Ceiling Fans are ideal for use in large indoor or outdoor areas such as warehouses, offices, large stores, garages and storage areas. They are different from residential ceiling fans due to their larger blade size and larger diameter. They also have more powerful motors and are made of more durable materials such as steel and aluminum. This allows them to last longer in harsher environments. Here is what an industrial ceiling fan looks like:

What are the different types of Industrial Ceiling Fans?

Industrial ceiling fans have several different features that are important to understand when determining what kind is best for your needs.

Blade size and number:

Larger spaces require fans that have more blades and a larger diameter.


  • AC (alternating current) motors plug directly into a power source. This is ideal if only a few fans are being used.
  • DC (direct current) motors plug into a transformer which then connects to a power source. These are more efficient, especially when using a larger number of fans for a given space.


Most fans are mounted on a rod which extends down from the ceiling to the motor and blades. It is important that there is enough space between the blades and the ceiling to ensure proper air circulation.

Airflow rating (CFM):

The air flow rating is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. This figure indicates the volume or amount of air the fan can move per minute. To find the right airflow rating for the size of your space, divide the size of the room in cubic feet by the suggested CFM of the fan as specified by the manufacturer. You want it to be less than 5 minutes for the air to circulate to avoid the space becoming hot and stagnant.