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Commercial-Grade Strip Lighting 

Commercial LED strip lights will transform the look of your space, providing increased lighting and greater security. Warehouse Lightings offers a range of surface-mounted strip lights, compact linear LED lights, and LED strip light retrofit kits in various light options, color temperatures and sizes. Strip lighting boasts a small footprint while adding illumination and warmth to your commercial setting. House them underneath a surface panel or fix them to the ceiling and these lamps will offer excellent illumination for years to come.

About Industrial LED Strip Light Fixtures

Warehouse Lighting offers the best prices on high-quality commercial LED strip lights, so you do not have to spend hours shopping around and can quickly get the right option to suit your needs! Choose from industrial strip lights and various industrial LED lighting strips with staggered, mini and side mount options and retrofit kits for your next project. There are many benefits to each strip lighting fixture, so take time to ensure you have the perfect fit for the job.

LED Strip Lights - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about LED strip lighting. You can also go to our Lighting FAQ page or visit our Resources & Education library for additional information.

What Are Industrial Strip Lights and Where Are They Used?

As the name implies, industrial strip lights are linear fixtures with a typically small footprint. Available in various lengths and mounting styles, a fluorescent or LED strip fixture combines both form and function, providing efficient illumination for a number of settings. Some examples of industrial strip lights include standard strip lights, fluorescent strip lights, compact LED strip lights and surface mounted strip lights.

Industrial strip lights are used in shops, showrooms, hallways, factory floors and retail locations. This type of strip lighting fixture is commonly used because of the uniform light it provides and the distribution of that light. The various mounting styles available allow these fixtures to be used in many different ways. Below are some common ways strip lights are used:

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Strip Lights?

There are two common types of industrial strip lights: fluorescent and LED. These fixtures have a linear shape and can vary in length from 1 foot to 8 feet long. What makes these strip lighting fixtures so great is the number of different mounting options available that allow for a wide array of applications. For example, they can come with a staggered mount, ceiling mount, side mount or wall mount.

Here is a breakdown of all of the industrial strip lights you'll commonly see:

  • Industrial Strip: Useful for large-scale buildings such as department or grocery stores, industrial strip lights use a series of fluorescent lamps in a strip formation to provide powerful lighting to a large area. They are a top choice for dispersion without leaving shadowy areas, making them the right fit for the biggest jobs.
  • Staggered: For smaller spaces that still need great lighting, check out our staggered strip lighting fixtures. They can more easily fit into tight coves and displays, while still boasting efficient and adequate lighting. When you have a unique space in need of illumination, these are a great choice.
  • Mini: At the smallest end of the spectrum, mini industrial strip lights are available with lengths as low as 13 inches. Ideal for uses ranging from hallway lighting in tight spaces to lighting under cabinets or shelves, these units offer powerful performance for those harder to light areas.
  • Side Mounted: Side mounted options are also available and are slightly bigger on average than the mini, but they can be mounted to the walls of a display case or cove for an easier fit. This makes them a popular choice in retail and utility areas that need to constantly conserve space without sacrificing on illumination.
  • Retrofit: If you want to upgrade existing fixtures, our retrofit kits will make the job quick and easy. Change lamps from T12 to T8 or T5 and get more energy efficiency out of your lighting. Our kits come with everything you need for the job, from plates to ballast covers to locks, so you do not need to shop for individual parts. You will save time and money getting everything you need in one great package!
  • LED: Industrial LED strip lights are a great solution to save on energy costs without sacrificing performance. Light-emitting diodes use a lower wattage to create a higher lumen while operating without a loss of heat which is ideal for tight spaces.

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