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While any type of kitchen has certain lighting needs, an industrial or commercial kitchen has unique kitchen lighting regulations. An industrial kitchen is usually used for catering businesses and large-scale events so the lighting needs to be a help, not a hindrance. Without proper lighting for industrial kitchens, cooks and restaurant staff are at risk of preventable injuries caused by poor illumination. That's why we only carry high-end fixtures like high bay fluorescent lights to provide helpful, beneficial solutions.

When you're ready to start looking for the right industrial kitchen lighting options, there are a few things you should take into consideration prior to shopping. Here are a few tips to help you choose excellent commercial light fittings for your kitchen and set you on the right track:

Measure the Space of Your Commercial Kitchen for Lighting

When selecting lighting for industrial kitchens, the most important factor will be the lumen output since this determines the amount of illumination in any given space. In general, you want an average of 50 lumens per square foot to meet most kitchen lighting regulations. You will need to measure the space of the kitchen and calculate the appropriate lumen count suggested. Make sure this is as accurate as possible — otherwise, improper placement of fixtures may cause inconsistent lighting that negatively affects productivity.

Consider Vapor Tight Fixtures or Wet Listed Fixtures for Industrial and Commercial Kitchen Lighting

Many people forget that the conditions play a role in determining the best solution for industrial and commercial kitchen lighting. This area needs to account for steam and vapors that cause condensation which can have a negative impact on lighting fixtures. Commercial kitchen lighting will typically need to be vapor tight and be NSF approved light fixtures that are food rated to pass safety inspections. There are varying degrees of NSF food ratings depending on the application the fixtures are specifically being used in.

To minimize any stress associated with these conditions, the best option is to choose vapor tight lighting fixtures that are NSF certified kitchen lights because they are well-gasketed to keep water from reaching the inner workings of the lamp.

Invest in Shatterproof Industrial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Adding industrial kitchen lighting fixtures above areas such as the dishwashing station or the oven is important for keeping operations running smoothly. However, it's crucial to have overhead lighting anywhere open food is placed for better protection. Areas such as the stove tops and food prep areas would benefit from shatterproof and explosion proof lighting fixtures to avoid any broken glass which can cause a major health concern.

Combine Overhead and Task Lighting for the Best Results

Too many times, industrial and commercial kitchen lighting is implemented with just one type of fixture, such as overhead recessed lighting. While this provides adequate lighting for the overall space, a restaurant or kitchen requires more than just general lighting needs. Installing smaller fixtures that are more concentrated on specific areas will improve visibility. Consider adding suspended LED lights that are small enough to not get in the way during important tasks and still bright enough to provide more focused light.

We're the Premier Source of Industrial Kitchen Lighting Solutions

When it comes to our industrial kitchen lighting solutions, we offer products from some of the top brands in the industry, including WareLight, Westgate and Saylite. Our customers can choose their fixtures based on voltage, wattage, lumens and even color temperature to meet the kitchen lighting regulations for their restaurant. See why we're regarded as one of the leading sellers of industrial and commercial kitchen lighting products by browsing our inventory or contacting us with any questions you have.

Commercial Kitchen LED Lighting

Be Familiar With Kitchen Lighting Regulations

Every state has codes in place that regulate any lighting that is not suitable for a commercial kitchen setting. Knowing these kitchen lighting regulations before you choose your products will eliminate any problems later on during inspections.

Choose the Brightest Commercial Light Fittings Possible

While dining areas can be more dimly lit to provide ambiance, the kitchen is all about visibility. Therefore, it's highly important to keep every part of the kitchen illuminated with commercial light fittings that provide the utmost brightness. Make sure you choose lighting solutions that give higher lumen outputs per watts for the best visibility.

Choose LED and Fluorescent Fixtures Instead of HID Lighting for Industrial Kitchens

As every restaurant worker knows, the kitchen can get hot very quickly at any point of the day, regardless of the time of year. LED lighting for industrial kitchens will keep your kitchen from having any extra heat output from the light sources. Additionally, fluorescents are still considered lower-heat-emitting lighting options, even if they create more heat than an LED fixture.

Install Timers Instead of Dimmers for Industrial Kitchen Lighting

While most commercial locations would benefit from dimming capabilities, whether as part of the fixture or an installed dimmer, restaurants and industrial kitchen lighting as a whole have a different set of needs. While the level of lighting output will never vary in a commercial kitchen, the hours that need light will change. Installing timers set to go off at the end of the night will ensure you don’t end up lighting an area when it is unoccupied and wasting energy.

Shop for Industrial Kitchen Lighting Products

Now that you have a better understanding of industrial kitchen lighting fixtures, it's time to find great products that align with the layout of your restaurant. From high bay to LED low bay lighting, our solutions offer excellent illumination with low-energy usage. We also sell industrial ceiling fans to enhance air circulation throughout the kitchen or your restaurant. Shop our selection of commercial kitchen lighting products now!


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