Track Lighting For Living Rooms

Track Lighting For Living Rooms

When designing home lighting, there are lots of options available on the market. One of the more modern takes for this area is the use of track lighting for living rooms. What is residential track lighting? Are there different types of track lighting fixtures? Before you choose this type of lighting, let’s take a closer look at the benefits and different types available.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting is a fixture type that has small lamps attached to a bar or rod for easy mounting.

Pros and Cons of Track Lighting


  • It allows for a directional light with an adjustable aspect.
  • It creates a light spread that is less focused to prevent an overbearing area of illumination.
  • It saves space compared to floor lamps or table lamps.
  • It’s stylish in appearance and creates a modern vibe to any living room.


  • The lamps on the track can’t be operated individually.
  • They typically do not offer enough lumen output and beam spread to be considered a general lighting solution. They should be used more as a highlight light choice or as one aspect of the general lighting calculations.

Different Types of Track Lighting

There are two main types of track lighting. Both options can be used in residential areas to create ambient lighting, accent lighting, or add to the general lighting output. Both options offer models that have adjustable heads to change the point of where illumination falls. It should be noted that track lighting can be used with a variety of bulb types including LED, halogen, and incandescent options.

    • Linear

This type of track lighting is offered in 4-foot and 8-foot lengths. They are designed to allow for you to connect more than one section together to create longer lighting solutions perfect for larger areas. They are usually a straight line and can have anywhere from 2 to 4 lamps attached to the track.

    • Flexible

Flexible track lighting can be cut to your specific space needs. It can also be offered in curved options for a more modern look that also creates a more focused light spread.

Different Types of Heads

    • Step Head

This is the most common design. It features a slender base with a rounded, wide rim.

    • Round Back Head

A more modern take on the step head, this option is made with a rounded backing and smooth lines for a cleaner look.

    • Pinhole Head

These feature a partially exposed backing with wires running from the head to the track. It offers a more industrial look to match certain decors.

    • Gimbal Head

This head has a flat lens area that mimics the look of old style cameras. It usually swivels 180 degrees.

    • Mini Pendants

This type of head hangs from the track bar the same away as a ceiling mounted pendant fixture. They are a stylish way to add some extra décor elements to the space.

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