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The best outdoor lighting doesn't just illuminate your property after dark; it also increases the safety and security of your commercial building or property. At Warehouse Lighting, we offer a wide range of LED outdoor security lights, including outdoor motion sensors and flood lights. All the options we offer for outside lighting are high-quality products manufactured with the highest standards. Find the lighting fixtures and accessories you need for your application or setting today!

Outdoor Security Lights

Types of Outdoor Security Lights & Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Well-planned LED outdoor security lights add curb appeal, create a consistent look and provide added safety and security. Choosing the right type of outdoor lighting fixtures enables you to illuminate different exterior areas around your home or business and provide visibility and extra safety where you really need it.

To help you choose the best exterior illumination, we'll highlight the different types, their features and benefits and how each lighting solution is used. Keep in mind that if you need help developing a lighting layout plan, Warehouse Lighting is here to help.

Illuminating Your Building's Exterior

Choosing the right lighting fixtures can transform the way your building looks and feels after dark while also addressing critical security concerns. Our outdoor security lights offer both versatility and functionality, ensuring that every aspect of your building's exterior is properly lit. From subtle ambiance lighting to bright, focused illumination, each type of exterior warehouse lighting is designed to meet specific needs and architectural styles. Below, we detail a variety of outdoor lighting options, each with its unique characteristics and applications, to help you illuminate your building's exterior with precision and elegance:

  • Flood Lights: These high-powered outside security lights are engineered for wide-open areas. They're often used to illuminate the outside of buildings. You'll also find flood lights in sports fields, on rooftops and along walkways.
  • Wall Pack Lights: When you need extra light outside your building to guide pedestrians, wall packs are the go-to choice. They're mounted to your building's exterior and illuminate its perimeter. Wall pack lights are also commonly found in parking garages.
  • Landscape Lights: This efficient LED lighting is used to highlight property features such as statues, shrubbery, patios and gazebos.
  • Signing Lights: Exterior signs are illuminated with the help of these lights that often feature the popular gooseneck-style fixture. Businesses use sign lighting to illuminate the name of their company. Signing lights are also used on billboards.

Outside Lighting for Large Areas

Beyond office buildings and manufacturing facilities, property owners need to be concerned about pedestrian safety in parking lots and other outlying areas.

  • Parking Lot Lights: Ideal for businesses of all sizes, LED parking lot lights are designed to provide bright, pleasing illumination to ensure the safety of drivers and their cars.
  • Street Lights: These high-powered outdoor security lights are specifically engineered for roadways, with various options for light spread and scope.
  • Post Top Lights: These slender outdoor fixtures provide ample light spread thanks to their architectural design. Post top lights serve as supplemental illumination in hard-to-light areas such as alleyways and loading docks.

Specialized Outdoor Lightning

Specialized outdoor lighting – including stairway, canopy, and coastal wildlife lighting – is pivotal for both safety and aesthetic appeal. These fixtures blend functionality with design, creating an inviting atmosphere while serving a crucial safety purpose.

  • Stairway Lights: LED stair lights are used for both indoor and outdoor applications to provide ambiance as well as safety and security to stairs and stairwells. Stairway lighting fixtures are easy to install and maintain, while the LED lamps offer consistent color rendering for directional signs or other informational elements. Stairway lights are found in schools, parking garages, office buildings and other confined spaces where security and safety are paramount.
  • LED Canopy Lights: A versatile form of outdoor lighting, canopy lights are available in different shapes, sizes and lumens. They're typically found in commercial businesses such as gas stations and automotive shops, as well as residential areas like decks and carports. These light units can withstand harsh weather conditions and are backed by lengthy warranties. You can easily retrofit your traditional HID and MH fixtures to LED fixtures.
  • Coastal Wildlife Lighting: FWC-approved amber lights protect sea turtles as they nest, a function that's essential for coastal locations. Businesses and homes located near the water are required to use coastal wildlife lighting on their property.

Making the Most of Exterior Warehouse Lighting

While exterior warehouse lighting is a must-have, you probably don't need it to be on all night long. There are lighting solutions that help you conserve energy while providing security for your property.

  • Automatic Sensors & Motion Sensors: These durable automatic security lights are made for areas that don't require continuous illumination. They have controls that allow you to create custom lighting solutions and adjust the lights remotely. They'll only come on when movement is detected.
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Lights: Created to offer additional security, dusk-to-dawn lights are used in commercial businesses to provide illumination during the night and shut off when the sun comes up. You can choose from several mount options and styles to accommodate your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Lighting

Below, we've addressed a few common questions about outdoor lighting. Please contact us if you'd like more information about our interior or exterior lighting solutions.

Where Should Outdoor Security Lights Be Placed?

The primary purpose of outdoor security lights is to illuminate areas at nighttime and provide lighting for workers and visitors to your property. Exterior lighting helps people navigate safely around the perimeter and discourages trespassers. It also illuminates barriers, objects and faces for facial recognition security cameras. Building entrances and exits need to be illuminated, as do walkways and parking lots. Anticipating potential threats will help you design an outdoor lighting plan that enhances the safety of your property.

What Is the Difference Between Floodlights and Spotlighting?

Floodlights cast a wide beam of light, ideal for illuminating large spaces, while spotlights provide focused light for a specific area or feature.

What Are the Main Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting?

LED outdoor lighting offers numerous advantages. LEDs are renowned for their energy efficiency, consuming significantly less power than traditional bulbs, which leads to lower electricity costs. Additionally, LED lights have a much longer lifespan – often tens of thousands of hours longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs, reducing the frequency and cost of replacements. Their durability also stands out, as they are more resistant to breaking and withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions better than other lighting types. Furthermore, LED lights provide exceptional brightness and clarity, which is crucial for security lighting, ensuring that outdoor spaces are well-lit and potential hazards or intruders are easily visible.

Find the Best Outdoor Lighting at Warehouse-Lighting.com

At Warehouse-Lighting.com, you'll find the best selection and prices on top-quality outdoor lighting from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our mission is to help you find the most relevant solutions to meet your lighting needs. If there's any lighting solution that you'd like to learn more about, our lighting experts will be happy to assist you at every level of the buying process to ensure you're fully satisfied with your purchase. Let's get started on your order today!

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