Commercial Lighting Fixtures & LED Lights

From Drop Ceiling lights, barn lights, and stairway lighting to old-fashioned red exit signs, we offer a wide range of commercial lighting fixtures available for indoor and outdoor applications. We stock the highest quality commercial building LED lighting products on the market so that we can provide you with the solutions you need for your commercial building, warehouse, or retail stores interior and exterior lighting needs. You will find a range of indoor and outdoor lighting types when shopping our selection of commercial lighting fixtures.

Commercial Lighting

Gooseneck & Barn Lights

Functional styling and broad appeal, barn lights and gooseneck lighting will provide stylish illumination for your industrial space for years to come.

Drop Ceiling Lights

Drop ceiling lights provide a modern look for any office environment, and they make any space brighter, with illumination that is evenly distributed, resulting in visual lighting that is balanced and comfortable to the eyes.

Surface Mount Ceiling Lights

Surface mount commercial light fixtures are often attached to a ceiling via chain and work well in transitional areas like hallways, foyers, and walk-in closets, as well as art exhibits.

Suspended LED Lights

Suspended linear lighting works well in retail or office spaces and is available in T5, T8, and LED options to create aesthetically pleasing lighting in a wide array of styles and sizes.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

Exit signs and Emergency Lights are necessary to protect both your employees and your customers. These products are another intelligent way to protect your business, making sure you've taken the steps to prevent accidents and injuries.

Wrap Lighting Fixtures

Wrap lighting fixtures employ a linear prism design well suited for big interior spaces such as hospitals, government buildings, schools, military bases and other institutional structures.

Stairway Lighting

Stairway lights are used to illuminate any place that has steps or a staircase. They are used for both indoor and outdoor stairways to provide ambiance as well as safety and security.

Hospital Bed Lights

LED hospital bed lighting provides the visibility necessary to care for anyone with ease while giving the patient light for their own needs.

Grow Lights

Different plants require different treatments, but one thing they all have in common is a need for commercial grow lights. You can be certain that our fixtures will get the job done, giving you the performance you need every day of the year.

Refrigeration Lighting

Upgrade your refrigeration lighting with our quality options in no time. Each case lighting system has been designed to be easy to install, so the entire process will only take a few minutes.

Wafer Lights

Our wafer LEDs are ultra-thin fixtures ideal for shallow ceiling applications, surface mounting and architectural pendant mounts. They are come in many shapes, sizes and designs.

UV Disinfecting Lights

Ultraviolet light (UVC) is a known disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria. We offer a full range of UV disinfecting lights to disinfect air, surfaces and objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is lighting used within business spaces such as offices, stores, universities, hospitals and government buildings, basically spaces that are not industrial, manufacturing or residential buildings. Commercial lighting fixtures are used indoors (commercial indoor lighting) and outdoors (commercial outdoor lighting) by businesses worldwide.

Like other lighting applications, commercial lighting has several methods of providing light with the two most common being:;

This is the most common methods where lighting fixtures on or recessed in the ceiling cast light downward.

This is less common and is often used to bounce indirect light off the ceiling and back down, with some fixtures cast both upward and downward lighting.

Other forms such as accent, front, side and back lighting are used less often in commercial settings. Here are some examples of what commercial lights look like:

What are the different forms of commercial lighting fixtures?

Commercial light fixtures vary in form, lamp type, function, style, color, size, and luminosity. From a general perspective, commercial lights can be grouped into the following categories: 

  • Barn Lights
  • Beacon Lights
  • Drop Ceiling Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Gooseneck Lights
  • Grow Lights
  • Neon Lights
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Security Lights
  • Sign Lighting
  • Street Lights
  • Surface Mount Ceiling Lights
  • Suspended LED Lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Wall Lights
  • UV Disinfecting Lights

You should note that any the lights can be purposed for indoor or outdoor usage with commercial LED lighting rapidly becoming the predominate form of illumination. Here are some unique examples of where commercial lights are used: