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LED Wafer Lights 

Wafer LED down lights combine high quality light output and efficiency while eliminating the need for pot light housings for competitive affordability. The innovative, slim design allows for easy retrofit, remodel or new construction installation from below the ceiling. 

Our wafer LEDs are ultra-thin fixtures ideal for shallow ceiling applications, surface mounting and architectural pendant mounts. They are come in many shapes, sizes and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wafer Lights fixtures?

Wafer Lights are thin, low profile fixtures that come in a number of shapes and sizes. Their narrow profile allows them to be used in for new or retrofit applications. They are a relatively recent type of fixture. With the development of white LED's, manufacturing a fixture with this low of a profile became possible.

Where are Wafer Lights fixtures used?

Wafer Lights can be found in both residential and commercial settings. The unique profile allows the fixture to be surface mounted to walls or ceilings. They can also be flush mounted easily because of their narrow depth.

What are the benefits of LED Wafer Light fixtures?

LED Wafer Lights offer many benefits. LED Wafer Lights can be incredibly thin and light weight. This allows them to easily mount to surfaces. The driver is not attached to the fixture but connected by wire. This allows the driver to be hidden and the fixture to mounted with little required depth. The Wafer Light can also be pendant hung creating a distinctive architectural look.