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Commercial LED Refrigeration Lighting 

One of the hardest working appliances in every building, refrigerators use up high amounts of energy on a daily basis, all year long. They are also one of the most important appliances, and every part of their system needs to run at its best day in and day out. This is true all the way down to the refrigeration lighting, an easily forgettable piece of hardware that is vital for the proper use of this appliance. Refrigerators can be very dark due to their enclosed design, and having proper visibility of everything is important. That is why we have many high-quality lighting systems so that you can make repairs and replacements with ease.

There is no need to call professional help or make expensive replacements. With our LED refrigeration lighting options, you can make a repair quickly and easily and get the light you need in no time. Perfect for any commercial, our case lighting systems will give you the visibility you need to display your products with ease. When it comes to large units in locations such as convenience stores and gas stations, case lighting provides illumination for all of the contents inside without being distracting. With our powerful LED designs, you can get the visibility you expect while also enjoying energy savings that will noticeably lower your power bill. Also, they are highly durable, lasting for years on end, so you do not need to worry about making more replacements.

Upgrade your refrigeration lighting with our quality options in no time. Each case lighting system has been designed to be easy to install, so the entire process will only take a few minutes. Various lengths and designs are available, including 60 and 72 inch systems in both 18 and 36-watt designs. Find the perfect match for your refrigerator with our great collection of options. You can rest assured that our options will work for years, providing great illumination to your entire system every minute of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Refrigeration Lighting?

Refrigeration Lighting is utilized to illuminate areas used to store food, beverages or anything that needs to be kept in a cool dry place. Here are some examples of lights that can be used in coolers and freezers:

Where is Refrigeration Lighting used?

Refrigeration Lighting is used in convenience stores, supermarkets, taverns, refrigerated and cold storage facilities, gas stations, liquor stores, restaurants and walk-in coolers. Here are some example uses of refrigerator lights:

What are the different types of Refrigeration Lighting?

Refrigeration Lighting requires a light source that can withstand a range of temperature conditions. In some cases, such as applications in stores with coolers, the light also needs to be able to display the product with a warm, crisp and clear light that has a high color rendering index (CRI).

Types of refrigeration lighting include case lighting, linear LED tubes or diode strips and vapor tight fixtures. Of these, vapor tight fixtures can handle the most extreme conditions because they are made of heavy-duty materials and are sealed and gasketed to keep out dust and moisture. .

What are the benefits of LED Refrigeration Lighting?

The old standard for Refrigeration Lighting used to be fluorescent T8 or T12 tubes but they have been replaced by LED. LED Refrigeration Lighting offers many benefits. These fixtures are instant-on when powered up, they do not flicker or need to warm up. The light is uniform and tends not to degrade over time. LED lights do not generate as much heat as fluorescent lights, which is advantageous in a cooler or freezer. They have a very long life and are more efficient than other lighting options.