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Replacement Emergency Ballast For LED & Fluorescent Lights 

With our selection of fluorescent and LED emergency light ballast options, Warehouse Lighting helps you prepare for emergency strikes or unexpected power failures. Some of the options in our selection include an emergency backup driver and LED modules that will provide you with a constant wattage supply for up to 90 minutes. Browse for a new or replacement emergency lighting ballast below.

Replacement Options For Emergency Lighting Ballasts

Emergencies can strike anytime, and you never know when you will lose power. If you are looking for backup emergency lighting ballasts for fluorescent or LED lights, we have a wide assortment of high-quality products that will meet your needs. The options in our selection will provide durable, efficient solutions for your lighting needs. They have been designed with reliability first and foremost, to ensure you can live each day with the confidence that comes with knowing your lights will always shine. This will help provide your space with an extra layer of safety and security.

Benefits of an Emergency Lighting Ballast

Ballasts are an extremely important piece of hardware for any light, making the difference between its ability to operate at all or not. In the event of a fire, storm, or another hazard, these elements can become damaged or inoperable. Having battery backup ballasts is essential to guarantee your light fixtures work correctly, and knowing you will always have lights to guide the way is priceless.

  • Use the same fixture for both normal and emergency lighting.
  • In emergency mode, the ballast switches automatically and operates one or two existing lamps for up to 90-minutes.
  • Ballasts can be mounted in the wire way or on top of the light fixture.
  • Emergency ballasts are UL listed for new installation or retrofit applications.
  • Standard ballasts are rated for use in various lamp types, including T8, T9, T10, T12, U-Shaped, HO, VHO, Circuline, energy-saving & 4-Pin Compact lamps.

Many federal, state and municipal codes mandate emergency lighting in case of a power failure or other failure of primary lighting, and that’s where our selection of ballasts comes in. These emergency lighting ballasts provide illumination during power outages or other problems to ensure the safety of the people in a building, whether it’s commercial or industrial. For instance, they can illuminate stairwells and exits during a fire or power outage. This means that you will never have to worry about your lights again, knowing they are reliable enough to get you through any situation.

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We stock a wide variety of emergency ballasts to ensure the safety of employees, guests, and visitors while also providing maximum efficiency and durability at competitive prices. Our emergency ballasts come in various styles and price points to suit your needs. We have the emergency ballasts to match any system with one or two lamp options. Our battery backup ballasts will give you the insurance you need to know that your building is always prepared for any emergency, whether you use traditional fluorescent or LED fixtures.