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We can easily customize your sports light fixtures by allowing you to choose the reflectors; just call us for details. All of our sport lights are UL-listed for wet locations and feature heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum casings that are corrosion-resistant and designed to last. With heat-resistant and impact-resistant tempered glass, these sports lights can be used to light up any night game. No matter what you need to illuminate, we have you covered. Get long lasting, durable lights that will perform for years in the toughest of conditions. With our quality products, you will not need to worry about maintaining and replacing your fixtures constantly. Take your mind off your hardware and enjoy the game! 

Choose from our great selection of sport lights and get the perfect solution to your needs. Floodlight fixtures come in many different sizes, from 105 LEDs and 22155 lumens to 378 LEDs and 79758 lumens. This enables you to get a light that matches the size of your space, so you can outfit larger arenas with larger fixtures. They are highly durable and capable of operating at any temperature and through any weather for years on end. If you are on a strict budget, our traditional lighters are available in high-pressure sodium, metal halide, pulse start, and induction variations. They will provide you the reliable lighting you need while also giving you great options so you can get the perfect match for your field or arena. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality lighting so you can get the options you need for any application. If you need help deciding on the right option for your space, feel free to contact our customer support. We will work hard to ensure you get the right match, so you can enjoy reliable lighting for years. 

At, we're committed to providing a huge variety of sports light fixtures for all of your needs. That includes sports lights that are designed to illuminate large outdoor spaces, from stadiums and arenas to fields or even parking lots. The lights in our inventory include those that are perfect for baseball, football and soccer fields; we also have options that can be used for tennis courts and several other outdoor venues. The lights we carry are made from the finest materials and designed to safely light up nearly any location.