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Light Switches & Switch Receptacles 

Suppliers of electrical wiring receptacles for contractors and electricians and do it your selfers. We offer the highest quality single pull and three way wiring receptacles. Some of the options would be amperage, standard, decorative, and colors. Please choose from our wide selections and call if you need assistance.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Electrical Switches?

An electrical switch is an electrical component that can disconnect or connect the path of an electrical circuit, interrupting the electric current or diverting it from one conductor to another. The most common type of switch is an electro-mechanical device consisting of one or more sets of movable electrical contacts connected to external circuits. In building wiring, light switches are installed at convenient locations to control lighting and occasionally other circuits. By use of multiple-pole switches, multi-way switching control of a lamp can be obtained from two or more places, such as the ends of a corridor or stairwell.

What are the Different Types of Electrical Switches?

  • Slide Switches: Have a knob that you can slide back and forth to open or close the contacts. 
  • Toggle Switch: Have a lever that you flip up or down to open or close the contacts. Common light switches are examples of toggle switches. Rotary Switches: Have a knob that you turn to open and close the contacts. The switch used in the base of many lamps is an example of a rotary switch. 
  • Rocker Switches: Have a seesaw action. You press one side of the switch down to close the contacts, and press the other side down to open the contacts. 
  • Push-button Switches: Have a knob that you push to open or close the contacts

What Are Electrical Receptacles?

Electrical receptacles are fixed on equipment or a building structure and connected to an electrical circuit. The plug is a male connector with protruding pins that match the openings and female contacts in a outlet. Some plugs have female contacts that are used only for an ground connection while some plugs have built-in fuses for safety. Most modern homes have electrical receptacle outlets with the most common of being the duplex receptacle outlet. It has two identical outlets, usually stacked one on top of the other.

What are the Different Types of Electrical Outlets?

The most common outlets or receptacles found within the home are: 

  • 15A 125V duplex receptacle
  • 15/20A 125V GFCI receptacle 
  • 20A 125V receptacle 
  • 30A 125/250V receptacle (electric clothes dryer) 
  • 50A 125/250V receptacle (electric range) 
  • 15, 20, and 30A 250V receptacles possibly found in a garage or shop