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Pathway Lights 

When it comes to outside lighting, the right light source can add function and ambiance in pleasing ways. For instance, the use of bollard lights is the perfect way to line a walkaway for added safety and security while creating a heightened sense of landscaping elements. Additionally, outdoor stair lights are ideal for adding light for visibility purposes in an area where falls are common due to lack of proper lighting. Regardless of which solution is right for your location, we have you covered with a wide range of choices for pathway lighting solutions.

Our selection of pathway lights features some of the most trusted names in the industry for added confidence when shopping. Choose from top rated brands such as Maxim Lighting, RAB Lighting, Saylite, and many more when shopping from this category of options. These brands offer high performing solutions backed by all the features of LED technology and a lengthy warranty to ensure longevity. We also make sure you have a wide range of options in terms of specifications such as voltage, wattage, lumen output, color temperature, and more. There are plenty of choices at the ready so you can find the perfect outcome for your space. You will also find a wide range of finishes from bronze to white so you can get an aesthetically pleasing outcome without sacrificing on any of the necessary function. When considering bollard lights, choose from a range of differences such as varying heights, designs, and light spread direction. Bollards are ideal for lining a walkway, highlighting a doorway, or adding extra lighting to landscaping areas. For outdoor stair lights, choose from an array of round, square, and rectangle designs in your choice of size and finish. These are easy to install and offer additional lighting for stairs or other walkways. Regardless of which option is right for your location, these are great solutions to provide extra illumination where your customers and staff need it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pathway Lights?

Pathway Lights are lights used to highlight a path or walkway. They often direct the light beam out or down to illuminate where to step and show the route to take. Here are some examples of what pathway lighting fixtures look like:

Where are Pathway Lights used?

Pathway Lights are used in many applications. They can be used indoors to provide low-light illumination to halls or steps in locations such as theaters, arenas and cinemas. They can also be used outdoors to provide light to steps and walkways. Pathway Lights on short poles are called Bollards. These fixtures are commonly seen along pathways and walkways. They may also be used to illuminate exterior gather places like courtyards, squares and terraces. Below are some examples of where pathway lights can be used:

What are the different types of Pathway Lights?

There are a number of Pathway Lights. The Bollard is a light on a short pole that is used in exterior applications. These lights are of part of the space’s design and have an architectural aesthetic. The other common pathway light is a Stair or Step light. These lights are usually mounted in a wall, close to the ground to provide light to stairs and walkways. These may be used both indoors and out.