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LED Decorative Light Bulbs 

With our collection of decorative light bulbs, you can get the best of function and beauty in one great value. We have a diverse selection of high-quality decorative light bulbs to choose from. Select decorative LED bulbs from options of various styles such as spear, candelabra, bent tip, Edison style, and more to find the right choice. We have options with frosted glass, vintage colored glass, half frosted, and more to add some ambiance to your space.

Offered by top brands like MaxLite and Euri Lighting, every bulb in this decorative light bulb collection has been made to last for years. In fact, most models come with a lengthy warranty of up to five years ensuring a long-life span and dependable performance. We also offer LED bulbs of various lumen outputs and voltages, as well as options designed to replace certain models of incandescent lighting including 10W, 11W,25W, 40W, 60W bulbs and more.

With their unique designs and ambient colors, our decorative LED light bulbs offer thousands of hours of powerful illumination while adding to the beauty of any fixture. Our decorative bulbs come in various wattages from 0.7 for a gentle light to a more powerful 6-watt option. Not only are they better for the environment than their incandescent counterparts, they also save on your monthly utilities bill.

We have options designed to replace incandescent bulbs in 10W, 11W,25W, 40W, 60W, and more. Not sure which bulb would be best for your needs or existing fixture capabilities? We would be glad to point you in the right direction.