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LED Tape Lighting Kit & Accessories 

The matter of lighting is important in any space. It can essentially transform any space from a dim and dreary space into something warm and inviting. With the use of our flexible LED strip lights, you can easily add illumination to those hard to illuminate spaces. These easy to install lighting solutions can be used just about anywhere including under cabinets, on shelves, stair rails, and anywhere else that is lacking in extra illumination. Best of all, the LED operation is ideal for a low maintenance and long-lasting solution, so you can place it and forget!

We offer several options for flexible strip lights to help you get started on this illumination project. We feature top rated brands such as Maxim Lighting to ensure lasting performance and quality you can count on for years of reliable use. In fact, most of the products we offer in this category of lighting needs are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

When it comes to performance, these LED flexible strip light kits offer features such as standard 12v operation, wet listing capacities, a choice of lumens ranging from 120, 420, and 840 to get the right level of brightness, as well as a host of other important elements making these a great investment in the life of any space.

With a focus on superior performance to meet your high standards, many of these units have an average rated lifespan of 50,000 hours so you are guaranteed to get a long-lasting solution you can place and forget without the worry of replacing bulbs.

While we offer our white options in a color temperature of 2700 in lengths ranging from 30 inches to 60 inches, you will also find color changing LED flexible strips lighting kits to meet a range of needs. These kits are made for use in a range of settings to allow you to add a touch of color to your world. Regardless of which option is right for your settings and preferences, you are sure to find it here with our great selections.