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Commercial Grow Lights 

When it comes to creating the right environment for plants to prosper and grow, you need the right lighting solutions. With our selection of LED grow lights at the ready, make the most of this unique area to benefit your business. For professional greenhouses and florists, we have a selection of American-made LED grow lights from trusted manufacturers.

When you need powerful illumination that can cover a wide area while also remaining durable for long periods of time, this is a great choice for your location. Growing various fruits, vegetables, flowers, or whatever else you might want takes varying amounts of dedication and work.

Different plants require different treatments, but one thing they all have in common is a need for commercial grow lights. You can be certain that our fixtures will get the job done, giving you the performance you need every day of the year. Made with the latest technology for impressive performance, these LED grow lights offer long-lasting lamps with a focused light spread to help plants achieve success. Their lamps offer a higher lumen output to lower wattage consumed which helps you get the power you need without overspending on utility costs.

LED lamps also last a long time which means fewer lamp replacements over time which benefits your maintenance team and the plants alike. These LED grow lights come in a few great options tailored to the needs of this unique location. For example, the fixtures are rated for wet or damp locations, made with durable metals, offer multiple settings to accommodate the various needs of growth cycles, and dimmable capability for added versatility. Best of all, these fixtures are backed by lengthy warranties direct from the manufacturers to further ensure satisfaction. Add one of these reliable solutions to your operation today!

If you have any questions regarding these LED commercial grow lights, please contact a lighting specialist for assistance. Our team is always happy to help in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Grow Lights?

Grow Lights mimic sunlight and help provide the optimal red and blue wavelengths of the visible light spectrum to benefit plant growth. They can also help when plants are seedlings and just starting the growing cycle.

Where are Grow Lights used?

Grow Lights are used in various locations. They can be used in homes for house plants. They can also be used in greenhouses to help seedlings mature and any number of other locations where sunlight is limited or not readily accessible. Here are some examples of grow light usage:

What are the different types of Grow Lights?

There are many types of grow lights and they can be used with a number of different light sources. Grow Lights may use incandescent bulbs, HID (high intensity discharge) lamps, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs.

What are the benefits of LED Grow Lights?

LED Grow lights provide some unique benefits. They require less wattage and are very efficient. With multiple color temperatures, they can provide the correct spectrum of color for a plant’s growth stages without the need of changing the bulb or fixture. They also produce much less heat than other grow light options.