Industrial Lighting Fixtures & LED Lights

With their high levels of performance and ability to illuminate large spaces easily, industrial lighting is an important part of any commercial building or industrial factory setting. From high bay light fixtures ranging from LED, T5, T8, and T5HO and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) to low bay fixtures ranging from LED, T8, T5, T5HO, and CFL, we stock a large selection of industrial lighting solutions for your needs.

In addition to our high and low bay lights, we also offer a wide selection of strip industrial light fixtures, retrofit kits, used industrial light fixtures, vapor tight lights, and hazardous area/explosion proof fixtures. Each of these solutions is specially tailored to the requirements of a certain commercial area and, when chosen correctly, can help your commercial or warehouse space perform better than ever before. Browse our industrial lighting solutions.

Warehouse and Industrial LED Lighting

Warehouse and Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting plays an essential role in any manufacturing, commercial building, or retail business. That's why we offer premium quality fluorescent high bay lights, as well as high-efficiency, LED high bay lighting products to our customers. Eye strain or fatigue are common issues that workers can face when working in harsh lighting conditions due to outdated fixtures. With proper fluorescent and LED lighting installed, employees will feel more comfortable, work more efficiently, and reduce potential workplace injuries and accidents.

If you're ordering new bulbs for your warehouse, take a look at the different type of industrial light fixtures that you can order through our store:

High Bay and Low Bay Industrial Light Fixtures

All of our low bay and high bay industrial light fixtures are available in several options styles like linear, UFO and traditional round, as well as lighting sources like T5, T8 and high-efficiency LED. For areas with low ceilings, our low bay industrial lights provide a pleasing light source. For areas with high, vaulted ceilings or large buildings in need of extra power, high bay fixtures provide a concentrated light spread without losing concentration from being placed so high up.

Industrial Strip Lighting

Our selection of strip industrial lighting products are perfect for large spaces that need high-quality illumination without bulk. Whether you're looking for 4-foot or 8-foot lengths, we feature products that are available with T8, T5HO and LED technology. We also offer smaller options ideal for lighting tight spaces in any business. With these strip industrial light fixtures, you can transform your commercial space with sleek bulbs that also offer a minimal ecological footprint.

Vapor Tight Lights

Vapor tight lights are perfect for harsher environments. Choose these wet location fixtures when you need bulbs for areas where the moisture level is high enough to ruin standard fixtures. Additionally, these industrial light fixtures offer the right ratings to ensure performance and durability for the toughest of settings.

Shop Lights

Our selection of shop lights include high bays, low bays, and strip industrial light fixtures. The right shop light will depend on a few factors such as the available space, the light spread required and the mounting preference. Regardless of which type is right for your location, we offer the top brands you are looking for.

Hazardous & Explosion Proof Lights

Hazardous area and explosion proof industrial lighting fixtures are for spaces where chemical vapors are prevalent and are a must-have for these tough environments. These durable and reliable industrial lights are guaranteed to illuminate your surroundings and keep you safe from gas, debris and other elements.

Portable/Construction Industrial Lighting

When you need industrial lighting solutions that are durable enough to withstand tough conditions or lighting that can go wherever you need it, our selection of portable and construction lights has it all in one place. Choose from several options in terms of design and specifications to get the right solution for the needs of the job.

Industrial Vapor Tight Lighting Options

LED Temporary Work Lighting for Large Areas

Industrial Ceiling Fans

We also offer a wide variety of high-strength, high-output industrial ceiling fans among our selection of other industrial solutions. If you're working in an area that needs plenty of air circulation thanks to fumes or other causes, our ceiling fans offer the best solutions in a range of sizes and operational choices.

Used Warehouse Lighting/Retrofit Solutions

If you're looking to save some money, shop our selection of used industrial lighting fixtures or retrofit kits, which are perfect for updating your existing lamps and making them more efficient and more functional. Choose from a wide range of options within this category to find the right choice for your existing lighting solution and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Lighting

Different commercial spaces will need personalized types of industrial lighting. Because there are so many ways to illuminate a facility, finding the right industrial light fixtures can feel overwhelming to some who are new to these solutions. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions that can help guide you through the process and answer any lingering questions you have concerning industrial light types, installation and safety. Read on to learn more or reach out with any other questions you have.

What Are Industrial Light Fixtures?

Industrial lights are a critical part of any business and include:

  • High Bay Lights
  • Low Bay Lights
  • Vapor Tight Lights
  • Shop Lights
  • Explosion Proof Lights
  • Portable Lighting

These industrial lighting fixtures are specially designed to meet the lighting needs and requirements of commercial areas while considering the environment and luminosity needs of the workspace. They are typically heavy duty, well-constructed, and designed to meet the demands of the environments they are placed in.

The most common type of industrial light fixtures installed in warehouse or commercial building include:

Welding and Fabrication workshop lighting

Where Are Warehouse Lighting And Industrial Lighting Fixtures Used?

Industrial lighting fixtures have multiple applications across a range of industries, including workshops, factories and assembly lines. They're also found in large recreational facilities and gyms, and can be used for large conference halls, event centers and are even used in hangars and other large, cavernous buildings. Here are some examples of where high bay industrial light fixtures are used:

What is Warehouse Lighting?

Warehouse lighting requires a different approach to lighting spaces. High and low-bay down lighting along with powerful heavy-duty linear lights are low-maintenance and energy-saving lighting solutions. The correct lighting in a warehouse will improve visibility in the workspace, help eliminate scenarios where employees accidentally injure themselves, and help present the facility in a clean and professional manner.

What are the different types of Warehouse lighting fixtures?

Warehouse lights come in different shapes and styles but can generally be classified into one these categories:

  • UFO High Bay Lights
  • Linear High Bay Lights
  • Vapor Tight High Bay Lights
  • Low Bay Lights

Warehouse light fixtures may use LED, fluorescent or metal halide as their light source. These industrial lights can also have shields, diffusers or reflectors to help shape the light for the target area.

What Are Some Best Practices When Handling Industrial Light Fixtures?

When you're handling industrial light fixtures, there are four rules you should follow to optimize the efficiency of your bulbs and keep the facility running smoothly:

  1. Understand the industrial lighting requirements for the task at hand.
  2. Understand the layout of your warehouse BEFORE ordering industrial lights.
  3. Spending less on industrial light fixtures upfront may cost MORE in the long run due to low levels of lighting.
  4. Monitor your energy consumption closely to optimize your industrial lighting to be more efficient.

Where Can I Learn More About Industrial Lighting?

If you would like to learn more about industrial lighting, or other topics related to indoor or outdoor lighting solutions, we have a list of lighting blogs and resources available to help clarify any confusion you may have.

Get High-Quality Industrial Lights at Warehouse Lighting

Here at Warehouse Lighting, we're excited to help you choose the right warehouse and industrial lighting for your facility. If you need any help finding the right industrial LED lighting fixtures or have questions about our products or installation, our expert team of lighting professionals is here to guide you through the process. We’ll walk you through selecting, purchasing and installing the lighting products you need.

Give us a call at 888-454-4480 or send us a direct message, and we'll get back to you at our earliest convenience. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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