Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures Tips

Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures Tips

When choosing lighting, there are several factors to consider to help you find the right solution. Obviously, the area you are trying to light is the biggest determining factor in which types of applications are appropriate. With the growing appreciation for all things wine, many people are in need of a few pointers for lighting the unique area of a wine cellar. When it comes to wine cellar lighting, here are 5 tips to keep in mind to achieve the best solution for this area.

1. Choose Low Heat Lights

When choosing the best wine cellar lighting, you need to pay attention to heat. Wine needs to be stored away from heat to keep it in the best quality so having lights that produce a lot of heat is a no-no. Stay away from higher heat output lamps such as halogens and incandescent. An LED or even compact fluorescent bulb is a much better choice for this area.

2. Pay Attention to the Shelving Type

The way you store your wine will play a role in the right type of lighting solution. For example, if you have floor to ceiling shelving units with very little gap space between the ceiling and the shelf, you will need recessed lighting over suspended or pendant fixtures. On the flip side, if your shelving is more of a half shelf unit which only goes midway to the ceiling, you will have more versatility in the type of fixture mount you can choose.

3. Play Up Shadows

While lighting for other areas, you may want to avoid shadows in the space since they can make it harder to see on the eyes. It can be jarring for your vision to go from the contrast of a dark shadow and bright light source. With wine cellar lighting, shadows can help create a mood of ambiance which is warm and inviting so don’t worry as much about shadows. The key is to make sure you have visibility where you need it for safety concerns and reading labels, but feel free to eliminate extra lighting in other areas of the space to leave more shadows and create a gentler light plan.

4. Consider Track Lighting

When looking to create a more focused lighting outcome, track lighting is a great solution. It is easy to mount to the ceiling and allows you a more even light spread. If you want to place the fixture so that the beam spread falls on the shelving units, this an ideal way to do that. Many units feature adjustable heads to add to the versatility of this type of lighting.

5. Get Creative

When planning wine cellar lighting, feel free to incorporate several different types of lighting in the space. While other areas may be better suited to one type of lighting for functional reasons, this is a space which can be both equally attractive and functional. Consider pendant light fixtures or a beautiful chandelier style fixture in the center of the space for an added pizzazz.

When lighting any space, the key is to find the solution that is best for the individual needs of that space. You can master wine cellar lighting with ease using these 5 tips.

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