College Classrooms Occupancy Sensors

College Classrooms Occupancy Sensors

A college may not be a traditional business with a profit and loss statement, but it is certainly an organization with budgetary concerns. One of the best ways to cut down on some of the costs of running such an establishment is installing occupancy sensors in college classrooms. Let’s take a closer look at this matter.

Why install occupancy sensors in college classrooms?

While any area of the campus is prone to a time period of inactivity, the classroom is the most obvious. It is also an area type that takes up a great deal of the campus overall. If lights are left on constantly, this will no doubt result in a hefty utility bill every cycle.

Another reason to install sensors is that when students or staff enter the classroom the lights may already be off. This scenario leaves the individual to fumble through a possibly unfamiliar room looking for the lights and may lead to accidents or injuries which can cost the university thousands of dollars in claims.

If you were to simply install timers to make sure lights come on and turn off at set times, it would be a more involved process over occupancy sensors. The schedule of classes changes with every semester so you may end up needing to adjust every individual room timer by seasons which can be time-consuming and not worth the added labor of your staff.

What type of occupancy sensor is right?

There is more than one type on the market. The most obvious choice for this setting would be a motion activated model. There are also units which will use heat detection, but this is somewhat less effective than motion activated options. There is also door operated switches which may be beneficial for classrooms since it will automatically turn the lights on when someone enters the room. With this option, you may or may not still have to turn the light and accompanying sensors off at the end of the class, depending on the model you choose. It is important to note that there will always be a slight delay in the sensor turning the lights on upon detection of movement. However, technology has improved to where that delay is mere seconds in most models.

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