Case Study: How Proper Exterior Lighting Can Be Great For Business

Case Study: How Proper Exterior Lighting Can Be Great For Business

Joe C., owner of Oak Hill Liquors in Victoria, Texas wanted to increase business to his store. It was located 20 yards off a major roadway between Houston and Corpus Christi but business was slow and he needed to invest in ways to make it more visible to passersby. It was illuminated by two high pressure sodium wall packs that provided inadequate lighting at the front of the building. He decided to research ways that would make the store and its corresponding sign more visible from the road. After speaking with Matt at, he knew what he needed to do.


Without Gooseneck Lighting ExampleProper exterior lighting can do wonders for your business. Here is a great example:

Joe decided to buy four goose neck style light fixtures with LED lamps and place them in a way that would illuminate the front of the store. He selected 10-inch angle shades with 30-inch goose neck arms from Millennium Lighting and was amazed by the immediate results.

The corresponding increase in business took him by surprise. Local residents told him that they never noticed the store before, even when they stopped at the gas station next door. They told him that they even noticed it during the daytime due to the decorative nature of the fixtures. Joe was hoping that his investment in the fixtures would pay off in six months. It only took one month, he said.


Witht Gooseneck Lighting Example

Each fixture used a 15 watt LED PAR38 outdoor lamp. Joe originally wanted to use these lamps for their long life and energy efficiency, but they ended up providing other benefits as well. He wired them so that they could utilize the photocells from the existing wall packs. This would provide dusk-to-dawn automatic lighting for the front of the store. Customers liked this because it provided added security at night. Joe also realized that the LED lamps did not attract insects due to their low heat and frequency. This was a huge benefit in the area of Texas where the store is located.

Joe was very pleased with the results. He said that a good business owner needs to spend money to make money. The goose neck fixtures he bought added better illumination and a decorative touch to his store. A wise investment, indeed.

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